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Scott’s Emulsion

Scott's Emulsion
Scott's Emulsion

Scott's Emulsion

No worries about childhood obesity 120 years ago!

A fat baby is a precious little roll of health. A thin baby calls forth pity. Give the thin baby a fair chance; give it Scott’s Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil, with hypophosphites, and then watch it grow fat and healthy.

Scott’s Emulsion furnishes just what babies need – an easy fat food for healthy flesh and strength, and hypophosphites of lime and soda for bone development.

Chemists sell it. 2s.6d. and 4s.6d.

An Advert for Scott’s Emulsion states:

“ought to be fat and show their dimples when they laugh. Thin babies are rarely interesting simply because they don’t look well”.


The superiority of Scott’s Emulsion over other forms of cod-liver oil could not be any more clearly demonstrated than in the case of a little child in Surrey, who, owing to a severe illness of the mother, had to be brought up by hand. The father of the child, Mr. H. Kent, tells in a few words the history of the case. He says :

October 21, 1898.

Dear Sirs, It gives me great pleasure to tell you how very beneficial Scott’s Emulsion has been to my little son. He was a strong child when he was born but owing to the misfortune of his mother having a severe illness, we were obliged to bring him up by hand, and in consequence he did not thrive, but got very weak. Our doctor ordered cod-liver oil for him, but he was too weak to digest it, and could not retain it on his stomach. Seeing, however, that Scott’s Emulsion contained cod-liver oil, I determined to try the preparation, and finding that it agreed with my boy, I continued its use, and have proved it to be a substantial food, for he has progressed in health and strength, and is altogether a different child since taking Scott’s Emulsion. I must say I think it a very valuable preparation, and one that cannot be too widely known, for by its use I believe very many children could be saved much suffering. I shall recommend Scott’s Emulsion whenever I have an opportunity.

In gratitude, believe me, yours very sincerely.

(Signed) H. Kent

The foregoing was a typical case for the Scott’s Emulsion treatment. People make the mistake every day of giving to children forms of cod-liver oil which they cannot digest, and all of this difficulty could be avoided if they would give them Scott’s Emulsion instead. This preparation combines cod-liver oil, hypophosphites, and glycerine, each of these substances being standard remedies, endorsed by the medical profession.

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