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Winter’s Pie

Winter's Pie
Winter's Pie

We are glad to hear to that the ever-welcome annual, “Winter’s Pie,” will be published on Monday, the 12th inst., and judging by the list of eminent authors and artists who have contributed to its pages, it will undoubtedly come as a cheery gleam to those on active service, in hospitals and camps, or at home. The price will not be increased; it is wonderful value for one shilling. “Winter’s Pie” will be obtainable at all Booksellers’ and Bookstalls, 1s. net.

Isle of Wight Times 8 November 1917

“Winter’s Pie” and “Printers Pie” were magazines published to raise money for various Benefit Funds; e.g. for the Printers’ Pension, Almshouse and Orphan Asylum. Annuals produced in the early 20th century, the cover and many other of its illustrations were by George Studdy (Bonzo).

This picture shows the 1917 edition and the one shilling price has been stamped over with a higher price, presumably as it is being sold in Sydney, Australia.

There are two excellent websites
http://www.studdying-with-bonzo.co.uk/studdy.htm and
where you can see many more images by George Studdy (Bonzo)

Picture source: www.studdying-with-bonzo.co.uk