Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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October 2017 Biographical details added

Lake Huron Hotel

In October, our busy research team added 30 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mrs Christabella Mary Williams, who with her husband in 1914, took charge of the  ‘Turks Head Inn’ in Lind Street, and in 1922 moved to the ‘Lake Huron Hotel’

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ANDREWS Charles Frederick. 06.11.1945.

AUSTIN Charlotte. 24.11.1867.

BALLARD Alfred John. 28.02.1950.

BLACK Constance Muriel. 03.08.1927.

BLUNT Gwendoline Alice. 14.05.1917.

BOCQUET Anna Adelaide Leopoldine. 12.10.1917.

BUTT Emily. 26.04.1971.

BUTT Maurice Henry Roberts. 15.05.1954.

BUTT Stephen Henry. 14.04.1944.

CAREY Hilda Annie. 10.01.1971.

DORE Sidney Frank. 27.02.1939.

DURRANT Evelyn Eleanor. 04.05.1940.

GAWN Harold Jack. 25.10.1967

GRANGER Ada Thomasina. 19.10.1957.

HOLT Frederick Bruce. 23.04.1926.

JAMES Charles Frank. 23.09.1943.

JENVEY George Harry. 08.12.1957.

LANGDON Harry Alfred. 02.02.1951.

MAPLETOFT Leonard Horace. 08.04.1964.

MAY Gertrude Nellie. 06.02.1978.

RANN Arthur Edward. 19.01.1956.

RUSSELL Charles William Henry. 22.09.1940.

SHAWYER Ellen Jane. 29.06.1940.

SMITH William Webber. 25.07.1867.

TRUCKELL Edward Ernest. 02.10.1887.

WEBB Fanny. 12.04.1944.

WHITE William. 04.05.1867.

WILKINS Mildred. 22.10.1940.

WILLIAMS Christabella Mary. 02.04.1939.

WYATT Eric. 16.01.1946.

Image of the Lake Huron, source: Tony Gale