Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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July 2018 Biographical details added

In July, our busy research team added 33 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Major-General Richard Steele Rupert Fetherstonhaugh, of Gwydyr House, Ryde. The obituary reveals his impressive military career in great detail.

(click on a name to go to a file – documents can be found at the bottom of that page)

ATTRILL Carol Dorothy Betty. 29.01.1953.

BARNES Amanda Pollard. 21.02.1942.

BOZON Alfred. 12.07.1918.

BRADING William Frederick. 09.08.1925.

BRIDGE Alice. 01.10.1893.

BROOKS Annie. 08.10.1937.

CASS William Henry (child). 21.10.1874.

CHAPMAN Henry William 13.05.1962.

CHUBB Alfred John. 18.08.1948.

CHUBB Bessie. 28.06.1949.

CHUBB Jeanne Bessie (child). Dec 1931.

COMDEN Sarah Ann. 05.02.1918.

CRUMP Ada Decima. 24.01.1953.

ELSTONE Thomas Gilbert. 25.04.1888.

FENWICK Elizabeth. 07.06.1868.

FETHERSTONHAUGH Richard Steele Rupert. 06.05.1932(featured name)

GREENHAM Jane. 08.05.1868.

KRISTENSEN Nils Martin. 26.11.1886.

LACEY Victor George Arthur. 28.05.1953.

LANE William Owen. 15.02.1868.

LAWRIE Charles Edward (Maj-Gen). 12.04.1953.

MOREY James. 28.03.1953.

REA Mary. 08.02.1968.

REED Emily Eliza. 10.11.1940.

REES Laura Irene. 10.02.1968.

SHINAR Edward Mursell. 18.01.1956.

SMITH William Harry. Dec 1951.

WADE Arthur George. 22.01.1953.

WILSON James Henry Arthur. 24.12.1906.

WILSON Lucy Jane. 11.01.1950.

WOODFORD Nellie. 23.07.1972.

WOODROW William George. 29.12.1888.

YOUNG Catherine Emily (child). 24.09.1874.

Image source: Isle of Wight County Press