Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 2018 Biographical details added

The former College

In August, our busy research team added 38 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Edward Wilfred Goddard, who was at one time employed at the Royal Naval College, Osborne.

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ALLNUTT Thomas. 29.08.1934.

BARTLETT Alfred John. 17.04.1939.

BROOKER Charlotte Lucy. Nov. 1937.

CARTER John Stephen. 13.03.1895.

CLARK John Percival. 16.03.1950.

CRABB Emma Sarah. 20.07.1918.

CROFT Elizabeth Sarah. Dec. 1890.

DENNIS Rosina. 05.06.1941.

DOWDNEY Eliza. 29.09.1900.

ELKINS Charles. 15.01.1864.

ELKINS Mary. 19.11.1884.

FEBEN Emily Florence. 25.08.1888.

FRENCH John. 09.12.1888.

FRIPP Charles. 06.11.1944.

GARNETT Sarah. 18.03.1891.

GLASGOW Charles. 07.10.1939.

GODDARD Edward Wilfred. 15.03.1956. (featured name)

GROVES Ellen Sephronia. 12.06.1949.

HATCHER Edward. 21.11.1909.

LAKE Edward James. 08.07.1875.

MACGREGOR John (Sir). 13.01.1866.

MITCHELL Mary Anne. 29.11.1891.

NORRIS Grace Mary Emily (child). 02.11.1918.

OSMAN Wilfred Edgar. 22.05.1965.

PATRICK Robert. 12.03.1889.

PERKINS Henry Horlock. 14.05.1917.

RANDLE Sidney Alexander. 18.10.1951.

RAYNBIRD Florence Jessie. 24.06.1958.

READ Emma. 09.05.1906.

REED Emily. 30.10.1944.

RICE Arthur Mundy. 25.07.1958.

STOREY Edith Ellen. 04.11.1944.

TAYLOR George William. 27.12.1979.

TROTT May. 13.05.1970.

TRUCKELL Edith Maud. 18.06.1958.

WARDER Joseph. 05.08.1875.

WHITE Herbert Seymour. 04.03.1908.

WILLIAMS Harriet. 15.02.1897.

Image source: Stable Block Osborne House, main building of the former college – Wikipedia