Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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December 2018 Biographical details added

Theatre Royal interior photo c1908

In December, our busy research team added 26 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr Harry Hubert Crump,  who became manager of the Theatre Royal, where his unfailing courtesy was greatly appreciated by the patrons. In earlier years he was responsible for arranging celebrity concerts which brought many famous artistes to Ryde.

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BARTON Samuel. Gallant Rescue 1895.

BARTON Walwin Bernard. 02.10.1955.

BEAN Joseph Eric. 29.02.1940.

COOK Richard Thomas. Nov. 1965.

CRUMP Harry Hubert. 25.04.1939featured name

FORD Robert. 29.12.1947.

FOWLER Joseph Porter. Nov. 1930.

GLADDIS Joseph Edgar. 12.11.1950.

GRIST Marjorie Winifred. 03.05.1959.

GROVES Mary Ann. 10.08.1913.

HERON LOGGEY Elizabeth. 18.02.1915.

HERON Sarah Ann. 14.02.1931.

HISCOCK Jessie. 05.09.1951.

HOLBROOK George Henry. 06.06.1923.

HUDSON Florence Lily. 27.12.1960.

JEFFERY George. 11.11.1892.

KENWARD Annie Elizabeth. 04.09.1931.

LANGDON Eva Emily. 11.01.1957.

MARVIN Annette Eliza (child). 17.03.1866.

MARVIN Eliza. 15.12.1908.

MARVIN Isabella Jane. 12.07.1886.

MARVIN Philip James. 23.02.1931.

MOTH Mary Elizabeth. 05.12.1934.

REED James Charles. 27.12.1939.

SIMONS Ellen Lydia. 15.05.1958.

TURTON Fred. 11.04.1959.

image source: RSHG Archive Roy Brinton Collection