Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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November 2018 Biographical details added

Shanklin Town Band 1895

In November, our busy research team added 32 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr James George Stevenight, who after serving 25 years with the Leicester Regiment, took over as bandmaster of the Shanklin Town Band in 1885. A post he held for upwards of 17 years, so he may well be in the photograph (right).

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ANDREWS Editha Florence Mabel. 12.05.1976.

ASHLEY Robert. 13.03.1959.

BARNES Goodwin Thomas Howard (Capt). 29.10.1918.

BURT Marian. 02.08.1943.

DRAYTON Edward. 09.06.1930.

DUNSMURE Charles (Lieut.Col). 20.11.1888.

DYE Victoria May. 04.12.1960.

GARRAWAY John Ambrose. Diamond Wedding 1950.

GARRAWAY Mary. Diamond Wedding 1950.

GRIFFIN Herbert William. 09.10.1930.

HOPKINS Emily. 15.04.1953.

HOPKINS May. 15.04.1953.

JAMES Evelyn Ellen Victoria. 27.10.1958.

KEMP Horace Percy Frank. 16.04.1953.

MARTIN Edward Benjamin (Lieut.). 07.01.1891.

MEADER Charles John. 28.02.1921.

MOORE Gertrude Lilian. 21.02.1972.

NEWNHAM Hannah. 20.11.1918.

NEWNHAM Lily. 25.12.1978.

ORCHARD Isaac (Sergt). 25.11.1868.

PERREN William. 22.05.1958.

PITT Frances Mary (child). 17.02.1887.

READ Ivy Ruth. 25.12.1969.

RICHARDS Sheelah Dorothy (child). 04.09.1942.

SHORE Lucy Frances Ruth. 1958.

SHORE Thomas. 04.07.1965.

STAFF Hedley Walter. 1975.

STEVENIGHT James George. 01.06.1929. Featured name

TREDWELL Nora. 26.06.1960.

URRY Jane. 29.01.1891.

WHITE Herbert Ernest William. April 1953.

WRIGHT Amy Alice. 09.12.1918.