Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Calendar 2019

Below is a list of future events in which Ryde Social Heritage Group will participate.  We will update this page on a regular basis to keep you informed of any new information. As each event becomes the next on the list, and nearer the date, more detail will be advertised on the main home page of this website.

Sept/Oct      – Exhibition in Ryde Library, called ‘George Street’ (a part of our Streets Project)

Oct 12           – Annual General Meeting & Social Morning (talk by Alan Doe, railway historian) at the George Street Centre, Ryde. 10.30am till 12.30pm

Nov               – Remembrance Service at the Cemetery Chapel (details to be advised)

Nov 12          – Members Outing to Carisbrooke Castle (details to be advised)