Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times:-   Sept 2nd 1915: PRESENTATION – Capt. J. W. TRODD was on Tuesday evening presented with a Sam Browne belt and water bottle as a slight recognition of his services in connection with the Ryde Volunteer Training Corps. Company Commander W. E. WEEKS, who made the presentation, congratulated Capt. TRODD on

Isle of Wight County Press:- Aug 14th 1915: ANIMALS – All the best horses having been bought for the Army, traction and farm work has to be done by animals of inferior condition, also in many cases being in charge of men or boys unaccustomed to dealing with them owing to those who understand the

Isle of Wight Observer:- Jul 3rd 1915: WAR WORK – There has been a fine response to the appeal for war munition volunteers, and the call is being answered with enthusiasm and patriotism. It is only by every city, town and village, contributing its quota, that an adequate supply of skilled labour will be obtained.

Isle of Wight Observer:- Jun 12th 1915: LITERATURE – At Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Guardians thanks were passed to Mrs. GIBBS, of St. Helliers, Strand, for a gift of literature for the use of the inmates. Jun 12th 1915: SCHOOL OF ART – The Higher Education Sub-Committee reported that upon the recommendation of

Isle of Wight Observer May 1st 1915: BOWLING – The Ryde Bowling greens in the Eastern Esplanade Gardens will open for the season today. The greens are looking at their best. The opening match at the Bowling Club will be on Thursday next when the Mayor and Corporation will set the ball rolling in more

Isle of Wight Observer:- Apr 3rd 1915: CALL FOR CITIZEN SOLDIERS – Now that the King has bestowed his approval on the Volunteer Training Corps movement, and the War Office is inviting members to accept home service, it may be expected that the critics of Kitchener’s “last hope” will be silenced. Surely if a man

Isle of Wight Observer:- Mar 13th 1915: LICENSING – The Mayor said the Licensing Committee had decided to renew the licenses of the Rajah Brook and the Solent Hotel, and refer those of the Victoria Inn and the Cygnet for compensation. Mar 13th 1915: ADVERT – Modern School for Boys, Ashey Road, Ryde. Day and

Isle of Wight Observer:- Feb 6th 1915: INFLUENZA – A wave of mild influenza is sweeping over the country and keeping doctors everywhere busy.”luckily this year’s type,” a London physician told the Daily Mail on Thursday “seems to be a relatively mild one. If the victim goes to bed for two or three days the

Isle of Wight Observer:- Jan 2nd 1915: YULETIDE – The wounded soldiers at Hazelwood spent an enjoyable X’mas, nothing left undone to ensure their comfort and happiness. All the rooms presented a very seasonable appearance being charmingly decorated with evergreens, flags, etc., by the nursing staff. Jan 2nd 1915: HOSPITAL – The festivities were not

IW Observer & IW Times:- Dec 12th 1914: ADVERT – Mourning Cards, in the newest designs can be obtained at, The Observer Press, The Colonnade, Ryde. Dec 19th 1914: “CHRISTMAS CAROL” – All those interested in Charles DICKENS’ Works are promised an enjoyable evening at the Y.M.C.A. rooms on Monday next, when a rendering of