Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Observer Oct 1st 1910: BAND – The Ryde Rifle Band has been disbanded and the Territorial Rifles marched out on Thursday to the sound of drums and bugles. Oct 8th 1910: INJURED AT FOOTBALL – George HUNT, a lad living at weeks, was admitted to the I.W. County Hospital on Saturday suffering

Isle of Wight Observer Sept 3rd 1910: LIGHTING – Perhaps as gas is to be cheaper, the Corporation may see their way to placing a number of powerful lights round the Canoe Lake. Sept 3rd 1910: FLOODING – Property owners in the Strand are endeavouring to devise measures to prevent their cellars being inundated. A

Isle of Wight Observer Aug 6th 1910: RYDE SEASON – Messrs. WALLIS, RIDDETT & Co., have arranged for the following further lets of furnished houses for the season. St. Clare Castle to Mr. Douglas HALL, M.P., Thornbury to Sir Henry CHAMBERLAIN, The Old House to Henry BROWN, and No. 21 Argyll-street to Mrs. PERROTT. Aug

Isle of Wight Observer July 2nd 1910: MRS MONTAGUE FOWLER – The current issue of Madame contains a portrait of Mrs. Montague FOWLER, who is so well known in Ryde. Referring to her dramatic work the journal says:- it is not often that a new dramatic author receives so unanimous a verdict of approval as

Isle of Wight Observer June 4th 1910: USELESS DRINKING FOUNTAIN – Letter to the Editor…. Sir, There is a drinking fountain on the Western Esplanade for the use of thirsty visitors. So far so good, but why, in the name of common sense, are there no drinking cups. The push button is so stiff and

Isle of Wight Observer May 7th 1910: IW HUNT RACES AT ASHEY – The races will be a gate meeting this year. Some of the County Police force are to be mounted for the regulation of traffic at the races. May 7th 1910: HOTELS – The re-opening of the Pier Hotel and the letting and

Isle of Wight Observer Apr 2nd 1910: IMPROVEMENTS AT THE GARDENS – The Corporation have decided to make a fresh entrance at the Eastern Gardens, near the Bowling Club Pavilion. It will be of considerable service when bands are playing from the bandstand, and access to the gardens from Dover-street entrance impeded by chairs. The

Isle of Wight Observer Mar 5th 1910: POPULAR CONCERT – Mrs. Violet LANE will be the vocalist at the popular concert on Monday. Among her songs will be Stephen ADAMS’ “Idle Words.” One of the instrumental items will be a “petite suite” for strings, composed by Mr. J. C. BEAZLEY, the well-known Ryde musician, which

Isle of Wight Observer Feb 5th 1910: LIFEBOAT – The Ryde lifeboat “Selina” was launched on Monday morning. The boat was examined by a committee of the Dublin Lifeboat Station, who have in view the construction of a craft similar to the Ryde lifeboat. Feb 5th 1910: TREE FELLING – Many people will regret to

Isle of Wight Observer Jan 1st 1910: HONOUR FOR LOCAL MAN – Ernie WILLIAMS, the Ryde footballer, has been chosen to play for Chelsea at Newcastle. Jan 1st 1910: FEWER MARRIAGES – There appears to be a decline in the number of marriages, at any rate amongst Nonconformists. We understand that there were only three