Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times:- Dec 1st 1966:  ‘GO A BUNDLE’ – A G.P.O. “Do it yourself” campaign is being mounted in the Ryde area to encourage the public to speed the handling of Christmas mails by bundling their own correspondence before posting, on an experimental basis.  When letters arrive at the Post Office they have

Isle of Wight Times:- Nov 10th 1966:  “COP SHOP” – Yesterday Ryde policemen moved to temporary headquarters.  The old police station in Station Road is being pulled down, after standing for 100 years, to make way for a new building.  Temporary accommodation is at 86 High Street, where the police are expected to stay for

Isle of Wight Times:- Oct 6th 1966:  BAND CHARITY CONCERT – A large audience in the Esplanade Pavilion on Sunday evening listened appreciatively to the final concert this season of Ryde Borough Band.  Parkhurst Prison Officers Male Voice Choir also rendered several items.  Proceeds of the concert, which grossed over £28, are being donated to

Isle of Wight Times:- Sept 1st 1966:  U.S. MARINES – American Marines will land in Ryde next week.  They are the U.S. Marine Corps drill team from the U.S.S. cruiser Newport News which will be in harbour at Portsmouth.  The team will take part with the Band of the Commander Striking Fleet Atlantic in a

Isle of Wight Times:- Aug 4th 1966:  RESCUE – An SRN-6 hovercraft on passenger service off  Ryde joined in a rescue operation on Saturday afternoon.  The alarm was raised when a 12 ft. Dinghy from Portsmouth Sailing Club overturned and was being swept away in a swift current.  While Bembridge inshore lifeboat and a helicopter

Isle of Wight Times:- July 7th 1966:  VIEWPOINT – It is pleasing that not only the structure of what was formerly the ”Scala Cinema,” now the “Plaza,” has undergone a change.  I refer to the trouble this cinema used to have with both resident and mental deficient’s who took a delight in making as big

Isle of Wight Times:- June 2nd 1966:  TELEPHONE CALLS – Britain’s housewives made 853,653 telephone calls to the recipe service in the year ended March 31, 1966. June 2nd 1966:  FALSE FIRE CALLS – Four Ryde boys who had the I.W. Fire Service out on three wild goose chases in two days were fined a

Isle of Wight Times:- May 5th 1966:  TROUBLED TIMES – Trouble over rats, broken fences, and the noise of motor vehicles at night were some of the reasons given when three residents appealed for a reduction in the rating assessments on their homes at Little Preston Road, Ryde.  The area was advertised as being one

Isle of Wight Times:- Apr 7th 1966:  MARINE GROUP DANCE – The Marine Group of Ryde Youth Club organised a successful dance at the centre on Friday to music by “The Yakajax.”  The £5 raised will go towards the completion of an “Enterprise” class dinghy which the boys are building. Apr 21st 1966:  CINEMA OPENING

Isle of Wight Times:- Mar 10th 1966:  NEED BIGGER BOAT – Ryde’s voluntary sea rescue scheme is good, but it could be better.  Principal matter for concern was the size of the available rescue boat—only 12 ft. 6 ins.  While the organisers’ aim was to make the best use of existing facilities, it was felt