Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Observer:- Oct 3rd 1863: INTERESTING TREAT – The boys on board the training ship St. Vincent, to the number of 150, were entertained on Tuesday last by Commander Marcus LOWTHER at his residence, Thornton, near Ryde, preparatory to his leaving command of the vessel in November. The gallant captain provided liberally for

Isle of Wight Observer:- Sept 5th 1863: WATER PARTY – Mr. KENDALL, of the Pier-hotel tap, is organising a trip to Alum Bay on Tuesday, the 15th inst., when there will be a band on board for dancing and other merry-making. The steamer will leave Portsmouth to arrive at Ryde at 10, and will call

Isle of Wight Observer:- Aug 1st 1863: ENTERTAINMENT – Mr. Arthur SKETCHLY, whose name stands high as a delineator in the Metropolis, is advertised to appear in Ryde next week. Aug 1st 1863: TEMPORARY REMOVAL – Mr. DIMMICK, the eminent seedsman and florist, is removed next door to the National Provincial Bank during the rebuilding

Isle of Wight Observer:- July 18th 1863: PICTURES – “Eastward Ho!” and “Home Again!” —These finely-painted pictures, by Henry O’NEIL, Esq., A.R.A., are now on view at the Victoria-rooms, under the care of Mr. JOYCE, carver and guilder, Union-street. The subject of the first-named is the embarkation of troops in a transport ship for India.

Isle of Wight Observer:- Jun 6th 1863: HELLYER TESTIMONAL – At a meeting at the Pier Hotel it was announced that the amount already subscribed for the testimonial to one who deserves so much at the hands of his fellow townsmen, amounted to £126.11s. A silver tea and coffee service, and a silver salver, with

Isle of Wight Observer:- May 2nd 1863: BROOKFIELD HOUSE – The last of those beautiful rustic stone-built and reeded cottage ornées, erected for the Rev. Augustus HEWITT about 30 years ago in the Stonepits at Ryde and lately formed such pleasing objects in the landscape, embowered as they were in luxuriant foliage, was destroyed by

Isle of Wight Observer:- Apr 4th 1863: FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – The Right Hon Lord and Lady BURGHLEY arrived at their residence, Brookfield, on Tuesday; General SULLLIVAN has taken St. Ann’s House, Pelham-field, for seven years; Col. and Mrs. ARCHER have arrived at Hawthorne House, Strand; Lieut. ARDAGH, Royal Engineers, has taken Puckpool House. Apr 4th

Isle of Wight Observer:- Mar 7th 1863: WORTH KNOWING – Perhaps it is not generally known that the title Princess of Wales was first held by Mary of England who thus was created by her father, Henry VIII, in order to conciliate the Welsh people, and keep alive the name. Mar 7th 1863: USE OF

Isle of Wight Observer:- Feb 7th 1863: R.S.P.C.A. – A meeting was held and the Rev. E. N. DUMBLETON moved the first resolution to form a branch of this society in the Isle of Wight. He spoke of a necessity in the Island as a great deal of cruelty was practised, especially on the road

Isle of Wight Observer:- Jan 3rd 1863: ST. MARIE’S – As the dampness of the church had completely spoiled the instrument intended to have been played by Mr. CONDUIT at the above church on Christmas Day, he was unable to do so. Jan 3rd 1863: WATCH NIGHT – Praying the old year out and the