Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Observer:- Apr 4th 1863: FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – The Right Hon Lord and Lady BURGHLEY arrived at their residence, Brookfield, on Tuesday; General SULLLIVAN has taken St. Ann’s House, Pelham-field, for seven years; Col. and Mrs. ARCHER have arrived at Hawthorne House, Strand; Lieut. ARDAGH, Royal Engineers, has taken Puckpool House. Apr 4th

Isle of Wight Observer:- Mar 7th 1863: WORTH KNOWING – Perhaps it is not generally known that the title Princess of Wales was first held by Mary of England who thus was created by her father, Henry VIII, in order to conciliate the Welsh people, and keep alive the name. Mar 7th 1863: USE OF

Isle of Wight Observer:- Feb 7th 1863: R.S.P.C.A. – A meeting was held and the Rev. E. N. DUMBLETON moved the first resolution to form a branch of this society in the Isle of Wight. He spoke of a necessity in the Island as a great deal of cruelty was practised, especially on the road

Isle of Wight Observer:- Jan 3rd 1863: ST. MARIE’S – As the dampness of the church had completely spoiled the instrument intended to have been played by Mr. CONDUIT at the above church on Christmas Day, he was unable to do so. Jan 3rd 1863: WATCH NIGHT – Praying the old year out and the

Isle of Wight Observer:- Dec 6th 1862: MEMORIAL TABLET – A beautifully-executed monument has been this week erected in Trinity Church, to the memory of a young lady, “the only child of her parents,” who died at Ryde a few years ago after a lingering illness. It consists of a Gothic basement of Carrarn marble,

Isle of Wight Observer Oct 4th 1862: HOSPITALITY – The customers of WHITFIELD’s eating house were regaled with a dinner before the close of the season, on Tuesday last, and, of course ample justice was done to the capital joints placed before them. Oct 4th 1862: BATTALION – There is no doubt that Volunteering has

Isle of Wight Observer Sept 6th 1862: THE PIER – This fashionable lounge continues to be the centre of attraction in our neighbourhood, both to the seeker of health and the votary of pleasure. Added to the natural delights adjuncts to the promenade there has be a varied and excellent succession of military and operatic

Isle of Wight Observer Aug 2nd 1862: SPIRITED GIFT – Mr. G. HODSON, the manager of the Theatre has given a handsome silver watch to be rowed for by men of Ryde in four-oared boats in the forthcoming town regatta. Aug 2nd 1862: ST. CLARE – We have been given to understand that Col. Vernon

Isle of Wight Observer July 5th 1862: NATIVE TALENT – Our talented young townsman, Mr. Godwin FOWLES. had the distinguished honour of being selected to perform on the grand organ in the International Exhibition on Thursday last. This grand organ has 50 stops and 2,828 pipes. July 5th 1862: WIZARDCRAFT – Herr DOBLER performed at

Isle of Wight Observer Jun 7th 1862: CORONATION HOLIDAY – We understand that it is the wish of Her Majesty that the celebration of the anniversary of her coronation amongst her Isle of Wight lieges should be observed as usual this year. It has been suggested to us that Monday the 30th inst. will be