Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Observer:- July 23rd 1864: ROLLING STOCK – A great number of carriages, trucks, &c., for the railway have arrived and been landed on the Ferry Company’s works. Our opinion is that this railway will be, for its extent, one of the best paying lines in the kingdom. July 23rd 1864: ST JOHN’S

Isle of Wight Observer:- Jun 4th 1864: TRAVEL – A correspondent to the London Times on Tuesday, says, “Having lately returned from Berlin, I think it right to make known to your readers the brutal conduct to which English travellers are at the present moment subjected, in some instances actually pelted with stones. One hopes

IW Observer:- May 7th 1864: HIGHWAYS – The East roads leading to St. Clare, Spring Vale, Sea View, and Bembridge, where a large population is springing up, and can their state be worse? At low tide, it is true, Sea View can be reached over the sands tolerably well, but at high tide a plunge

Isle of Wight Observer:- Apr 9th 1864: ACCIDENT ON BOARD SHIP – A Russian sailor fell from the mast of a 700-ton ship upon a rail, which ran into his thigh, The poor fellow was immediately conveyed to the Infirmary, where the wound was found to be very serious, although no bones were broken. He

Isle of Wight Observer:- Mar 5th 1864: NAVAL MEN – On Tuesday last about 150 men and boys stationed on board Her Majesty’s ship Excellent were, by the kindness of Commander HERBERT, treated to a holiday, for the purpose of looking over Ryde and its neighbourhood. They are a fine hearty looking set of fellows,

Isle of Wight Observer:- Feb 6th 1864: RAILWAY – Great activity prevails the whole length of the line from Ryde to Shanklin, its opening to this extent being contemplated on the 1st of May next. At the end of the line, the engine houses, which are being erected near Mr GUY’s nursery grounds, will be

Isle of Wight Observer:- Jan 2nd 1864: PRIMITIVE METHODISTS – The customary Christmas entertainment of this sect took place, as usual, at the Victoria-rooms on Saturday. The tea, which took place at 5 o’clock, was attended by about 150 persons, and ample justice was done to the plentiful and substantial fare provided. A large and

December 1863 Isle of Wight Observer:- Dec 5th 1863: BALLOONS – A very interesting lecture, in connection with the Isle of Wight Philosophical and Scientific Society, was delivered at the Town-hall, by Mr. GLAISHER on “Balloons and Balloon Ascents,” and especially descriptive of the observations and experiments made and the phenomena experienced by Messrs GLAISHER

Isle of Wight Observer:- Nov 7th 1863: WORKS OF ART – Last week we had the pleasure of inspecting three coats of arms which have been executed by Messrs. T. and J. DASHWOOD, builders of this town, for Le Marchant THOMAS, esq., of Sea Grove. The intention is to fix them at his residence in

Isle of Wight Observer:- Oct 3rd 1863: INTERESTING TREAT – The boys on board the training ship St. Vincent, to the number of 150, were entertained on Tuesday last by Commander Marcus LOWTHER at his residence, Thornton, near Ryde, preparatory to his leaving command of the vessel in November. The gallant captain provided liberally for