Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times:- Dec 3rd 1964: ROMANY FAIR – The annual Christmas sale of work on Saturday at the Salvation Army Citadel took the form of a “Romany Fair.” Stalls were fashioned to look like caravans, and the stallholders dressed in Romany costume. The net takings were £120. Dec 10th 1964: MUSIC HALL –

Isle of Wight Times:- Nov 5th 1964: WINTER SICKNESS – Dr. Douglas QUANTRILL, Medical Officer for Ryde, says that a mystery virus known as “winter sickness” has turned up in the Isle of Wight. It does not last long, but while it does the effects are most unpleasant. Nov 5th 1964: MODS’ RAMPAGE – Ryde

Isle of Wight Times:- Oct 1st 1964: E.A.W. MEET – At the opening session of the Ryde branch of the Electrical Association for women, held at the Nurses Pavilion, Adelaide-place on Thursday, a mannequin parade was presented by “Lizbeth” of Cross-street, Ryde. Afterwards teas were served. Oct 1st 1964: BACK FROM ROME – Fourteen members

Isle of Wight Times:- Sept 3rd 1964: SCHOOLS -With reference to the schools in the Oakfield and Elmfield area, the children are very fortunate in that generous benefactors in the past have given them money, land and property, to be used solely for school purposes. As these are held in trust, we trust that the

Isle of Wight Times:- Aug 6th 1964: COURTS – As from January next year, divorce courts will sit at Ryde Town Hall. It was announced that the Lord Chancellor had extended the jurisdiction of the District Registry of the High Court to include divorce. Aug 6th 1964: HARRIER’S – A brilliant 4 mins. 41 secs.

Isle of Wight Times:- July 2nd 1964: CLOSE THE CLUB – Should Haylands Football Club carry on next season or close for two years because of lack of support from local residents? That was the question players, members and officers had to answer at a stormy annual general meeting on Monday, held at the Lake

Isle of Wight Times Jun 4th 1964: OAKFIELD F.C. – A cheque for £250 was presented to Oakfield Football Club on Friday at the Hotel Ryde Castle by Oakfield F.C. Supporters’ Club who entertained the footballers and their wives and friends to a dinner and dance. Jun 4th 1964: SILVER CHORDS – The annual “birthday”

Isle of Wight Times:- May 7th 1964: FESTIVAL – With 1,595 entries, 50 more than last year, the 34th I.W. Musical Competition Festival at Ryde was in full swing at five halls. Mainland ballerinas swept the board. May 7th 1964: CAPTURE – Early yesterday police recaptured a 24 year old prisoner who escaped from Camp

Isle of Wight Times:- Apr 2nd 1964: VACANCIES – During the five weeks ending March 11, continued economic expansion and increasing seasonal employment lifted the number of unfilled vacancies by nearly 6,900 to 43,378. This was the highest March total for many years. Apr 2nd 1964: HAVE MORE PRIDE – Businessmen bewail hard times, exhort

Isle of Wight Times:- Mar 5th 1964: BOROUGH BAND – There is an air of optimism among members of Ryde Borough Band who are tuning up for a special engagement next month. That is to play against 18 other brass bands in London, for the Daily Herald Southern Counties Area Championship title. Mar 5th 1964: