Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times:- May 7th 1964: FESTIVAL – With 1,595 entries, 50 more than last year, the 34th I.W. Musical Competition Festival at Ryde was in full swing at five halls. Mainland ballerinas swept the board. May 7th 1964: CAPTURE – Early yesterday police recaptured a 24 year old prisoner who escaped from Camp

Isle of Wight Times:- Apr 2nd 1964: VACANCIES – During the five weeks ending March 11, continued economic expansion and increasing seasonal employment lifted the number of unfilled vacancies by nearly 6,900 to 43,378. This was the highest March total for many years. Apr 2nd 1964: HAVE MORE PRIDE – Businessmen bewail hard times, exhort

Isle of Wight Times:- Mar 5th 1964: BOROUGH BAND – There is an air of optimism among members of Ryde Borough Band who are tuning up for a special engagement next month. That is to play against 18 other brass bands in London, for the Daily Herald Southern Counties Area Championship title. Mar 5th 1964:

Isle of Wight Times:- Feb 6th 1964: CELEBRATION – Edwin and Lucy BOWDITCH celebrated their Golden Wedding at their home, Myrtle Cottage, St. Johns Wood-road on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. BOWDITCH moved to the Island in 1945 after a German bomb reduced their house and belongings to rubble and with the help of the railways

Dec 1963 Isle of Wight Times:- Dec 5th 1963: EXHIBITION – Seventeen year-old Catherine SEARLE, a member of Ryde Youth Centre, has two paintings, a portrait and a street scene, hung in the current exhibition of the National Association of Youth Clubs at the Congress Hall, Great Russell-street, London. Dec 5th 1963: HARRIERS – Ryde

Isle of Wight Times:- Nov 14th 1963: CONCERT – Fifteen minutes before the DUNFORD Orchestra were due on stage at Ryde Town Hall the leading viola player, Gordon Creighton, from Wootton, was taken ill. Miss Edith MARRIOTT, well known for her work in Island Music Festivals, capably deputised. The orchestra was conducted by Arthur DUNFORD

Isle of Wight Times:- Oct 3rd 1963: YOUTH – A new youth club has been formed at All Saints’ Parish Church for the 10 to 15 age group. The club held its first meeting on Monday at Church House, Queen’s-road, when 36 youngsters attended. Leaders are Mr. William REED and Miss H. HINSON. Oct 3rd

Isle of Wight Times:- Sept 5th 1963: SIRENS – Notice is given that the Air Raid Warning Sirens will be tested at 1 pm on Friday, 6th September 1963. At that time the “All Clear” signal will be sounded in all districts for one minute. Sept 5th 1963: BUS SERVICES – Application has been made

Isle of Wight Times:- Aug 1st 1963: RED FACES – Breakfasting guests at the Appley Hotel, Ryde, watched fascinated as a red fox was chased about the hotel grounds by a red-haired policeman. PC Ronald SHORT was an appropriate (not to say obvious) choice to be given the task of catching the animal after a

Isle of Wight Times:- July 4th 1963: ST. DUNSTAN’S – Three hundred who lost their sight in two world wars yesterday made a trip from the St. Dunstan’s Home at Brighton, to Ryde. It was a big-hearted effort by the grocers of Brighton and the Island which was behind the outing. They were welcomed at