Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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The ‘Lost Children’ Project

Many children are buried in Ryde Cemetery but their final resting place is an unmarked grave and were not recorded on the original RSHG Maps. These are the ‘Lost Children’.

The project started in 2016 to find the children’s graves, update RSHG maps, find their names from the registers and research the social conditions, epidemics and diseases common in Ryde, especially in the Victorian Era, leading to a high mortality rate.

There are a number of areas in Ryde Cemetery set aside for the burial of children and working together with Bereavement Services some of these have now been mapped, indexed and records added to the website graves page. Where there is no marker on the ground this daisy photograph will be used on the grave page. Daisies symbolize innocence and purity.

There is an on-going project to map all the areas. In some cases the existing maps can be updated but others need new maps, for example Old Cemetery Section I where 4 new maps have been produced. This will ensure each individual plot can be drawn with the children’s names. Due to the number of plots, any new maps are not drawn to scale. In some of these areas further burials have taken place and are marked with memorials making it difficult to see the child plots on the ground in the cemetery.


This map shows the Children’s burial areas in Ryde Cemetery (highlighted in orange).

Old Cemetery

  • RSHG 007 complete, area can clearly be seen in the cemetery as there are only 2 marked graves on the ground.
  • RSHG 009 – not yet started
  • RSHG 010 – not yet started
  • RSHG 011 – not yet started
  • RSHG 012 – not yet started
  • RSHG 019 – in progress
  • RSHG 020 – in progress

Part of Section I on maps RSHG 021, RSHG 022 & RSHG 023 was sub-divided for child burials around 1875.  The following four maps show the child burial plots and names. These are not drawn to scale due to the number of plots.

Part of Section W on maps RSHG 024 & RSHG 025 was sub-divided for child burials around 1875. There are later burials in this area (drawn on maps RSHG 024A & RSHG 025A on Ryde Cemetery page).

  • RSHG 024 – complete
  • RSHG 025 – complete
  • RSHG 026 – not yet started
  • RSHG 027 – not yet started
  • RSHG 028 – not yet started

New Cemetery

  • RSHG 031 – not yet started
  • RSHG 036 – not yet started
  • RSHG 037 – not yet started
  • RSHG 039 – complete


Alphabetical Index

New October 2018 (635 names)
Lost Children Project A – Z –  Index of children buried in unmarked graves

Please note this is an ongoing project and updates will be made when possible.


For any enquiries you may have about the maps, indexes or mapping please contact us here.