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Lemon Jelly


We don’t know when we have been so pleased with a table delicacy as we have been with “Eiffel Tower Jellies.”  They are simply delicious, beautifully clear, exquisitely flavoured, and the colour is a delight to the eye.

A pint packet can be obtained of Grocers for 3½d.  We understand that Messrs Clark and Co. (makers of the well-known Eiffel Tower Lemonade) are so desirous that everybody should become acquainted with the exceptional value of their jellies that they are sending a half-pint Lemon Jelly on receipt of a postcard at once to Foster Clark and Co., 3275 Eiffel Tower Factory, Maidstone.

Note: George Foster Clark started the business in 1891 with his two brothers.  Foster Clark & Co. went out of business in the mid-1960’s and from then on the manufacture of Eiffel Tower Crystals passed to OXO/Brooke Bond.

Source: Isle of Wight Times 6 June 1901
Image: Foster Clark & Co