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Motor Vehicles 1902

Below is an excerpt from an article in the Isle of Wight Observer 24 May 1902.  It would seem that nothing has changed very much about the motoring situation in the last 121 years.

That motor cars are driven in a very reckless manner in other places as well as the Isle of Wight, is evident from the fact that the Field has entered a protest against the want of consideration shown by the drivers of motor cars to other users of the road, especially cyclists.

The Field says “Nothing is more calculated to bring about the numbering which all regret, but which even the cautious drivers will be forced to advocate in order to dissociate themselves from their thoughtless fellows.

Bicyclists who are by no means prejudiced against motoring, are beginning to protest against the heedless and even dangerous way in which cars pass them.  Though the driver of a motor vehicle can steer an absolutely straight course, and pass a wheelman in safety within a few inches of his handle-bar, he has no right to do so at high speed. It is trying to the nerves, especially ladies, to have a heavy car dash past them at twenty miles an hour leaving barely a foot of room.  The want of regard for the comfort of others has done more harm to the progress of motoring than anything else.  Until people have become habituated to motor-cars it behoves drivers to exercise the greatest caution”

The Field is a British monthly magazine about country matters and field sports. It was started as a weekly magazine in 1853, and has remained in print since then.

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Image: Wikipedia
Article: Ann Barrett