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May 1913

Isle of Wight Observer:-

May 3rd 1913: WHIST & DANCE – The last whist drive and dance of the season, held under the auspices of the Ryde Shop Assistants’ Association, took place in the Oddfellows Hall on Tuesday evening. Following the whist drive, light refreshments were partaken of. The rest of the evening was spent in dancing. During the interval the gentlemen were called upon as judges of a beauty competition.

May 3rd 1913: FOR SALE – A productive Market Garden and Orchard, 2¼ acres in extent, with a good cottage, situate in Salters-road and Upton-road, Haylands, a short distance outside the Borough of Ryde, let to Mr. H. J. TUPPEN, on a yearly tenancy from 29th September, at £28 a year.

May 10th 1913: N.S.P.C.C. – The Island branch of this society for the quarter ended March 31st, inquired into 25 complaints of neglect, ill-treatment, and other wrongs of childhood, of which 22 were found to be true, affecting 72 children and 29 offenders. Action was taken as follows:- 17 cases were warned, 3 were prosecuted and convicted, and 5 were otherwise dealt with.

May 10th 1913: ROBES MISSING – On taking his seat at Ryde County Court on Wednesday, His Honour Judge GUY, apologised for appearing without robes. “They are travelling about somewhere on the South Western Railway,” he explained “and have not been traced.”

May 17th 1913: BILLIARDS – A billiard match was played at the London Hotel, Ryde, on Thursday evening, by Mr. H. G. NUTT, of Sea View, the well-known Island billiard player, and Mr. W. CALPINE, of Sandown, the former winning by 54 points. Many Ryde enthusiasts were present.

May 24th 1913: UNGRACEFUL DANCES – Society ladies who are raising their voices against the unseemliness of the “Turkey Trot,” the “Bunny Hug,” and other American exotic products of the ball-room have, no doubt, good reason to complain. The waltz is at least graceful and the gravaman of the charge against the latest importations is that they are ungraceful and ugly.

May 24th 1913: TELEPHONE – A Telephone Call Office is now available to the public at the Haven Street Sub Post Office.

May 31st 1913: SOLENT SWIM – Considerable interest was manifested in the attempt of Jabez WOLFF, the champion long distance swimmer or the world, to beat the record made by by Horace DAVENPORT 29 years ago from South Parade Pier to Ryde Pier and back. WOLFF reached Ryde in 2hrs. 49mins. By the time he reached Clarence Pier on the return, he had occupied 6hrs. 5mins.

May 31st 1913: UNFRIENDLY NEIGHBOURS – Beatrice RUSSELL, a married woman, living at 2 Warwick-place, was summoned for unlawfully assaulting and beating her neighbour, Ada CALLAWAY, of 3 Warwick-place. Defendant was bound over in a sum of £10, for a period of six months, and ordered to pay the costs of 10s.6d.

May 31st 1913: ACTRESSOCRACY – It might cause a sensation if it was announced that a popular actor was going to marry a peeress; but it no longer startles us when a peer marries an actress. We are even beginning to wonder why ever we used to make so much fuss about such a simple event. Peers are human; the actresses they marry are uncommonly pretty and charming. The human man with a title is just as susceptible as the human man without.

May 31st 1913: INTERNATIONAL RACES – At the R.V. Yacht Club Regatta this year, in addition to the yacht races, the International motor boat races will be held off Ryde. It is expected to bring out phenomenally speedy craft belonging to France, the United States, and Great Britain.