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May 1921

Isle of Wight Observer:

May 7th 1921:  COAL STRIKE – The Ryde Parish Coal and Clothing Club commences today (Saturday) at the Boys School, Green-street.  Apparently, they think there will be some coal obtainable by the winter at any rate.

May 7th 1921:  ASHEY RACES – Lieut. Col. PAINE received a notification from the National Hunt Committee on Monday that Ashey Races fixed for Wednesday and Thursday were to be abandoned owing to the coal strike difficulties.  It was a sad disappointment, especially as Lieut. Col. PAINE had been at such great trouble to make it a record success.

May 7th 1921:  MAY PROCESSION – As customary on the first Sunday in May, a procession following Vespers, took place at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in the evening when there was a crowded congregation.  The cross-bearer and acolytes led the procession in which walked school children and others dressed in white with veils.

May 7th 1921:  BOWLING SEASON OPENS – The two public Bowling greens in the Eastern Esplanade garden were available for play on Saturday afternoon, and the members of the Bowling Club took occasion to start the season with a match between teams selected by the Captain (Alderman G. E. MEARS, J.P.).

May 7th 1921:  ASHEY MEMORIAL – In honour to those belonging to the parish who made the supreme sacrifice in the war, a memorial has been erected in the West end of the small Church at Ashey.  It consists of a large oak cross made from timber on the Oglander Estate, placed on a stone base.  A bronze plate bears the name of the fallen heroes.

May 7th 1921:  HOSTEL FOR CHILDREN – The parents and friends of ailing children in the Island will no doubt regard with feelings of gratitude the Hostel which has been founded at “Southlands,” Ryde, for their wellbeing.  It is especially intended for babies and young children who need skilled professional care, diet and supervision.  Miss FRIEND whose experience and ability are so well-known, is the Superintendent.

May 14th 1921:  MILK – Dairy farmers have been grousing about the train and boat services.  It is often a surprise why such a huge quantity of milk is taken across from the Island.

May 14th 1921:  NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY – In connection with this society, some 40 members recently assembled at Ashey Waterworks.  Mr. G. W. COLENUTT, F.G.S., gave an account of how Ryde was supplied with water from these works and from those situated at Knighton.  An interesting time was spent in the neighbouring wood, where there are evidences of settlements having existed during Neolithic times.

May 14th 1921:  QUEEN OF THE JUMBLE – A much-looked for event, namely, the annual jumble sale organised by Lady MOUNTMORRES, on behalf of All Saints, took place on Thursday afternoon.  In addition to ticket holders there was a long queue of bargain-hunters and the rooms set aside for the sale in Welby Institute were soon crowded.

May 21st 1921:  WATERING RYDE – The Town Council decided to purchase a 5-ton steam waggon for £1340, there is no doubt the town will have the benefit of more frequent watering than hitherto and it will be done better and with greater expedition.

May 21st 1921:  SUMMER TRIPS – Flights over the Wight will be very popular this summer though it is a bit too early to expect much yet.  The Brompton Motor Co., have aerodromes at Sandown and Seaview, and their machines are said to be very safe and adaptable for the purpose, and the trial trips in this district have been very successful.