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May 1967

Isle of Wight Times:

May 4th 1967:  BELLEVUE PLAYERS – It was in April 1946 that the Bellevue Players staged their first performance (“Poison Pen”) under the producership of their founder—the late Mrs Madelaine COOPER (then Miss PLENINGER), at the Esplanade Pavilion, and they have played there every Easter since in addition to many other performances.  This is an achievement of which the Players are justly proud.

May 11th 1967:  CONVICTED – Terms of five years’ imprisonment, three and a half years, and a Borstal term (of unspecified length) were imposed at Hampshire Assizes in Winchester when the court heard of crimes in the Ryde area. It was stated the young fire-raisers caused nearly £11,000 worth of damage in the Island, two sea-front cafes went up in flames and all three staged a raid on a large country house.

May 11th 1967:  BUS STOP PROBLEM – “Let’s tell the Southern Vectis Omnibus Company that it is we who determine the public interest in this town and not them!” declared Cllr. Jack BRAZIER at the monthly meeting.  He was complaining that the bus company “dominate the public interest for too often in the Island because they are a monopoly.”

May 11th 1967:  TRAFFIC LIGHTS – Arrangements are going ahead “as quickly as possible” for the provision of traffic lights at the High Street junction with Green Street and St. John’s Road, and although the corporation will bear the initial cost, reimbursement will be paid over a period of years by the County Council.

May 11th 1967:  SCHEMES – Three possible schemes for the development of St. Thomas’ Churchyard in the town centre, are under consideration by the council, who are considering the possibility of land purchase there.

May 11th 1967:  DRINKING TROUGH AT SWANMORE – It was considered “Vandalism” when it was thought preferable to erect traffic bollards and a modern lamp standard on the spot, thus ignoring “the aesthetic qualities of this ancient piece of ironwork.”  The trough was the last piece of Victoriana in the borough, and they owed it to the residents to preserve one of the most distinguishing features of this part of the town.

May 11th 1967:  CAR PARK – A new car parking space at St. Thomas’ Street, Ryde, with room for 180 vehicles and 24 more “renting” spaces will cost about £20,700.

May 11th 1967:  NEW HOUSING – Subject to the phasing of tender submission in respect of 33 proposed dwellings at Slade Road, Ryde, Ministry approval has been received for the council’s 1967 housing programme of 57 dwellings.

May 18th 1967:  ORGANISTS’ ASSOCIATION – Mr. M. G. GRIFFIN, of Ryde, gave a lecture at the London Hotel on Saturday to association members on the history of church music, with special reference to the changing role of the church choir. The lecture was illustrated with recordings of music from the earliest times.

May 25th 1967:  MUSICAL ROMP – “The Girls of St. Frillians, a musical romp” was the description applied to a Nesta MEECH production at the Esplanade Pavilion on Saturday.  In aid of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.  A cast of between 80 and 100, children and adults (of sexes often impossible to distinguish) took part.

May 25th 1967:  MAYDAY FOR ADA – Ryde Police were alerted last week when “Ada”, a 25ft. galley acquired from a local scout group by Ryde Sea Rangers, was reported missing from a mooring at Player’s.  “Ada”, built in the 1880’s, had been anchored prior to towing to the Rangers’ H.Q. at Fishbourne.  All ended well, however, for two local fishermen had jumped the gun and taken the veteran boat to her intended destination.