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November 1911

Isle of Wight Observer

Nov 4th 1911: PRESENTATION – On behalf of the Ryde Borough Police Force, the Chief-Constable, Mr. Charles GREENSTREET, presented ex-PC HAYES with a very handsome clock as a memento of his past services and comradeship. Ex-PC HAYES retired from the force on September 23rd last, he having then attained the age limit, 55 years, after 22 years excellent service. His late brother police officers felt that Mr. HAYES should not be allowed to go without some little token of their respect and regard of their appreciation of his comradeship.

Nov 4th 1911: COUNTY COURT – His Honour Judge GYE, in trying to re-arrange a date for a further hearing, and Saturday was suggested said, “Even County Court Judges want some little recreation.” Mr. CABABE, barrister, urged “Saturday is a very good day for special courts, your Honour,” to which the Judge replied “So it is for shooting Mr. CABABE.”

Nov 11th 1911: PAVEMENT AT PIER GATES – The whole area between the entrance to the Pier Hotel and Messrs. Pickford’s Office is to be repaired with cement slabs at an estimated cost of £68. The pavement has got very bad and the Council have had many complaints.

Nov 11th 1911: DANGER OF PETROL – A girl names Alice STEVENS, aged 15, living at No 17 Brunswick-street, was taken to the County Hospital on Friday afternoon last, suffering from severe burns to her face and arms. She had been using petrol to clean some articles of dress, and when she finished she threw the small quantity left over on to the fire. There was an explosion which ignited the girls clothing.

Nov 18th 1911: ROAMING ROOSTER – On arrival of the Bembridge mail cart at the Ryde Post Office a day or two ago, the officials were astonished to discover a fowl quietly perched on the axle of the wheels under the body of the cart. In spite of a number of stoppages for mails at St. Helens, Nettlestone and Seaview, the bird appeared determined upon a ride with its owner and did not attempt to alight until the horse was being taken out of the cart at Haylands.

Nov 18th 1911: GARDENING – A company, to be known as the “I.W. Market Gardener’s Association, Ltd.” is being formed with a capital of £10,000 The object is to acquire some freehold land in the centre of the Island for the purpose of gardening under the intensive scheme.

Nov 18th 1911: ASHEY – At a meeting of the Parish Council, a resolution was passed agreeing to the closing of a footpath near Ashey Railway Station, another being substituted for it. It was decided to apply to the Postmaster at Ryde for a delivery of letters and parcels throughout the Parish on Sunday, December 24th, on account of the amount of perishable goods which would be spoiled.

Nov 18th 1911: IW RAILWAY COMPANY – The directors of the I.W. Railway Company have decided to advance the wages of practically the whole of the men in the lower grades in the Company’s employ, namely the guards, signalmen, collectors, porters, shunters, carriage cleaners and platelayers.

Nov 18th 1911: KREISLER RECITAL – A most enjoyable concert was given at the Town Hall on Monday afternoon, when KREISLER, the eminent violinist gave a recital, assisted by Miss Roma TREMAINE, the well-known contralto. KREISLER’s playing demonstrated his wonderful genius as a violinist. His technical skill is extraordinary, yet he is not like some virtuosi brilliant in that alone.