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November 1964

Isle of Wight Times:-

Nov 5th 1964: WINTER SICKNESS – Dr. Douglas QUANTRILL, Medical Officer for Ryde, says that a mystery virus known as “winter sickness” has turned up in the Isle of Wight. It does not last long, but while it does the effects are most unpleasant.

Nov 5th 1964: MODS’ RAMPAGE – Ryde Esplanade took on the appearance of a battlefield on Saturday as windows were smashed and flower beds trampled. The town was taking yet another knock from young hooligans, this time “mods” riding scooters who stormed into town.

Nov 5th 1964: COFFEE BAR – Ryde Youth Club is to get its own coffee bar. The Education Committee decided it will spend £385 on the new amenity, the kind of canteen teenagers like these days, a coffee bar.

Nov 5th 1964: R.N.L.I. – A coffee morning in aid of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was held at the home of Mrs. A. BRADLEY, Ryde area assistant hon secretary, of Melton Hall, Dover-street, on Friday. The effort realised £8.5s.

Nov 12th 1964: NOISY NIGHTS – An elderly woman from Dover-street, appealed against her rate assessment for reasons which included drunken rowdies passing her house up until 3 a.m. and lorries parking outside her front window. But the Ryde Town Hall confirmed her assessment.

Nov 12th 1964: HOLIDAY CAMP – Captain Harry WARNER, one of the pioneers of the holiday camp industry in this country, died in his sleep at his Hayling Island home on Saturday.

Nov 19th 1964: STORY ON RADIO – On the B.B.C. Light Programme at 11 a.m. on Monday, November 30, there is a short story being read, called “The Handy-man.” This was written by Mr. Raymond ALLEN, of 15 Salters-road, Haylands.

Nov 19th 1964: MEDIEVAL FANCY DRESS – I would like to voice a strong protest against the Ryde town council’s proposal that ratepayers’ money should be used to cover the cost of their new ceremonial regalia. Do these councillors really believe that the expenditure of five hundred pounds will actually assist them in the execution of their official duties. I suggest they pay themselves.

Nov 19th 1964: ROYAL GEORGE MEMORIAL – Now, at long last, under the presidency of His Grace the Duke of Wellington, K.G., Governor of the Island, with Ald. Mark WOODNUTT, M.P., as chairman, it is hoped to raise the cost of a memorial by public subscription.

Nov 19th 1964: VAN-DALISM – When Mr. Stanley William NYE, of South-street, Ryde, went to collect his van from the George-street car park on Monday morning, he found that someone had removed the two rear wheels of the vehicle and left it resting on the rear axle.

Nov 26th 1964: LEISURE – “It is of the greatest importance that boys should be trained to use their leisure,” the Director of Public Prosecutions said, as guest speaker at the Town Hall. “One of the reasons for delinquency in young people is that there is an inability to use profitably and usefully their leisure time and make their own entertainments, rather than have them dished out to them.”

Nov 26th 1964: KEEP-FIT COURSE – The third of six half days devoted to a course in leadership was held at the Oasis Ballroom, Ryde Esplanade, by 14 members of the I.W. Keep-Fit Association.