Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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October 1917

Isle of Wight Observer:

Oct 6th 1917:  SOCIAL FUNCTIONS – Nothing would give the worthy Mayor and his estimable sister, the Mayoress, more pleasure than to be in a position to introduce some of those charming social functions of days gone by, and which the present terrible war has made quite impossible.

Oct 6th 1917:  BLINDS – Residents whose windows face the sea will do well to remember that they must be darkened half-an-hour after sunset.  That in other cases the official time for drawing blinds will be 6.30 p.m., until further notice.

Oct 6th 1917:  LADIES – The Ryde Orchestral Society having started practice this week, will be pleased to welcome lady members.

Oct 6th 1917:  HOME SERVICE – Captain W. P. BRIGSTOCKE who was invalided home after serving two years in France, has been passed fit for home service and is now Assistant Embarkation Staff Officer at Southampton.

Oct 6th 1917:  GIRL GUIDES – The Girl Guides annual meeting, to which the public were invited on Thursday evening, did not draw much.  The blue uniforms worn by the Girl Guides are very neat and becoming.  Some, if not most of them, learnt on Thursday evening for the first time the new form of salute.

Oct 13th 1917:  HOUSING OF WORKING CLASSES – The Corporation is of the opinion that in order to secure adequate housing accommodation for the working classes the Government should be prepared to lend money free of interest to local authorities who are prepared to proceed with local housing schemes.

Oct 20th 1917:  CASTLE HOSPITAL – There are 48 patients in residence this week.  Tickets for the concert for the two Red Cross Hospitals on Thursday were most generously provided by Mr and Mrs John OGLANDER.  The cinema matinees have been very much enjoyed this week.

Oct 20th 1917:  TIME-TABLE – Mr. W. B. OSMOND, of Arundel Road, High Park, has in his possession a time table of the Portsmouth, Gosport and Ryde Original Royal Mail Packets, dated September 1850.  It shows a service on weekdays of nineteen crossings either from Gosport and Portsmouth (Victoria Pier) to Ryde and eighteen return journeys.  Fares in those far away days were quarter deck 9d., fore deck 6d., day tickets, quarter deck 1s., fore deck 3d.

Oct 20th 1917:  RYDE CLUB – On arrival last year of the Battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment, lately quartered in Ryde, the officers were elected in a body as hon. members of the Ryde Club, Spencer Road.  They soon found the commodious premises and well-equipped billiard and other rooms a pleasant rendezvous after the military work of the day, and entered whole-heartedly into the social recreation.

Oct 20th 1917:  PORTRAIT – There is a capital portrait of the Ryde Police Force, with “Specials,” plus His Worship the Mayor, in a well-known photographer’s shop in Union Street.

Oct 20th 1917:  STROLLERS – Mr Tom MELLANBY has severed his connection with the Hanway Strollers.  There is some curiosity as to what led to his decision. The Strollers will have to stroll a long way before they come across another Tommy MELLANBY.

Oct 27th 1917:  VARIETY CONCERT – On Tuesday evening a variety concert, arranged by Private Tom CASEY, the clever whistling soloist, was given in the Town Hall, and attracted a fairly large audience

Oct 27th 1917:  COAL – The big advance in the price of coal this week has knocked the bottom out of what little faith was put in conferences on matters of this kind.  There seems little prospect to any inland coal being brought to the Island to counteract the high price of seaborne coal.