Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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October 1964 –

Isle of Wight Times:-

Oct 1st 1964: E.A.W. MEET – At the opening session of the Ryde branch of the Electrical Association for women, held at the Nurses Pavilion, Adelaide-place on Thursday, a mannequin parade was presented by “Lizbeth” of Cross-street, Ryde. Afterwards teas were served.

Oct 1st 1964: BACK FROM ROME – Fourteen members of Island youth organisations arrived back on Sunday after two weeks in Rome with the Area Youth Officer, Mr. Raymond SEXTON. The had stayed at an international student hotel in the 1960 Olympic village.

Oct 1st 1964: ISLAND HOLIDAY – When a scheme was put forward for old age pensioners in the Portsmouth district to enjoy a week’s reduced price holiday in the Island, the organisers expected about 40 people to turn up. Instead 197 old folk wanted the holiday. On Saturday they arrived at the Royal York Hotel and during this week they have been enjoying coach tours and entertainment.

Oct 15th 1964: CONSCIENCE – “These radar speed traps just introduced are having a fantastic effect on Island drivers. They daren’t go fast because at the back of their minds is the thought that they are possibly being watched.”—Mr. Anthony GALE, solicitor, at the County Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Oct 15th 1964: KIT INSPECTION – It was like the Army all over again, when behind closed doors, Aldermen and Councillors paraded in full robes and headwear, after the General Purposes Committee decided that something must be done to tidy up a motley set of uniforms. The effect was, they admitted afterwards, enough to provoke a wince from the toughest sergeant-major.

Oct 15th 1964: SWIMMING POOL – Replying to Ryde Opinion Group, who suggested the provision of a swimming pool which could be converted into a solid floor for dancing, wrestling, etc, the council will state that although a pool is included in their 10-year programme, other more urgent projects must take precedence.

Oct 29th 1964: BEACH HUTS – Four beach huts at Puckpool were broken into during this weekend.

Oct 29th 1964: HABIT DIES HARD – Several motorists were each accused of parking in upper George-street, Ryde, without lights and in contravention of a “No Waiting” order. In letters to the court they said they did not realise there was now a ban on the formerly permitted parking without lights until midnight.

Oct 29th 1964: TEMPTING PROVIDENCE – For leaving his car near Ryde Police Station in the early hours of September 25 without lights, the owner was fined £2 by Ryde Borough Magistrates.

Oct 29th 1964: CAR FERRIES – Extra services will run on the Portsmouth-Fishbourne route in 1965 to cope with the increasing demand for holiday motorists bound for the Isle of Wight. This year there has been an increase of nearly 20 per cent in the number of cars carried.

Oct 29th 1964: MAYFIELD ROAD – Application to the Valuation Court by 29 residents of Mayfield-road, Ryde, for reductions, were only partially successful. To the south was the new Ryde County Secondary School in Pell-lane and had accommodation for 450 pupils. Some houses in Mayfield were affected visually by this. Representing the appellants, Mr. BRICKELL said “its a monstrosity and the whole road was affected by the comings and goings of the pupils.”