Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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September 1869

Isle of Wight Observer:

Sept 4th 1869:  C.C.C. MINSTRELS – This talented troupe re-appear at the Victoria-rooms on Monday next, when we trust they will be well supported.  The performances may be classed as far superior to many who claim the name without the talent of the Christy Minstrels.

Sept 4th 1869:  ORDER OF COUNCIL – Every person having in his possession or under his charge an animal (including a horse) affected with a contagious or infectious disease shall keep such animal separate from animals not so affected; and shall with all practicable speed give notice to a Police Constable of the fact.  If any person neglect to act as above directed he is liable to a penalty of twenty pounds.

Sept 11th 1869:  BAZAAR – A bazaar for the sale of useful and fancy articles, water-colour drawings, lithographs, &c., is intended to be held in the Town-hall, on Tuesday and Wednesday next, in aid of the building fund for the erection of a new Congregational Chapel at Sandown.  The trustees, we believe, have had the land for some time.

Sept 11th 1869:  THE VOLUNTEERS – We notice in this week’s orders of the Rifle Volunteers that the annual prize shooting will take place at the end of the month.  A prize should be subscribed for each year by tradesmen, to be called the borough prize, and be presented by the Mayor.

Sept 18th 1869:  ENTERTAINMENT – Mr. H. Box BROWN, the talented professor, who some years ago visited Ryde, is announced for next week, at the Victoria-rooms, when he will give his entertainment on magic, sleight of hand, mesmerism, and electric-biology.  This gentleman has been giving his performances in Portsmouth for the last two months with the greatest success.

Sept 18th 1869:  THE LATE GALES – It would be impossible to eulogise too highly the invaluable services rendered by our lifeboat, the Hans Busk, during the recent gale.  The brave fellows who manned her went out again and again when the tempest was at its fiercest, when it appeared beyond the pale of possibility that any craft of such comparatively limited dimensions could live upon the trouble waters.

Sept 18th 1869:  WATER WORKS – Alderman DASHWOOD brought up a report recommending the erection of a weighbridge at the Ashey works, as the committee had found considerable loss from the coals having been weighed at Brading harbour.  The cost of the bridge, with fixing, would be £50.  The committee did not deem it prudent to use the old bridge taken from Lind-street, as it was too large.

Sept 25th 1869:  LOST AND FOUND – On Monday last several valuable articles were lost in the town of Ryde, among which may be mentioned a shawl and ring, belonging to different parties, the value which was £35.  This property was restored to the crier in the course of the day.  Many properties have of late been recovered, and all who lose anything should immediately give notice at the Town-hall.

Sept 25th 1869:  FIREWORKS – We congratulate the Regatta Committee and the public on the grand display of fireworks which, after so many disappointments in consequence of the boisterous state of the weather, took place on Wednesday, when thousands of spectators were assembled.  A special train on the Isle of Wight Railway brought a large number of persons to witness it.

Sept 25th 1869:  ARRIVAL – On Saturday morning last a detachment of the 21st Brigade of Artillery landed at Ryde en route for Yaverland fort.  Other detachments were at the same time taken to Sandown and the forts at the Needles.

Sept 25th 1869:  RYDE DISPENSARY – During the last year 233 of the sick and suffering poor of Ryde and its neighbourhood have been relieved, and attended at their own homes when required.  Subscriptions and donations in aid of this most excellent charity will be thankfully received by John WAVELL, chemist.