Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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September 1969

Isle of Wight Times:

Sept 4th 1969:  GOOD OR BAD – Ryde Council ‘Talk-In’ on Festival ‘Love-In,’ would the Island be wise to welcome another Pop Festival?  Some in official circles think the “love-in” scenes at Woodside Bay were reminiscent of “the back streets of Port Said,” but others seem to believe that the overall publicity value outweighs the other considerations.

Sept 4th 1969:  POP FANS – This week 22 pop fans, including two girls and a woman, had been charged with offences concerning drugs.  Most of the 22 were arrested at the I.W. Pop Festival, where plain clothes detectives mingled with the crowds.

Sept 4th 1969:  NOISE – Another summer drawing to a close during which residents and visitors have enjoyed the delightful music of Frieda HALL and orchestra.  We are fortunate in Ryde to have that pleasant enclosure and bandstand, but how short-sighted to allow the hovercraft to operate from the beach so near!  The noise from them is terrible and goes a very long way to detract from the pleasure to be had from that really nice music.

Sept 4th 1969:  GOING HOME – As the smelly bunch returned home (wherever “home” is) Union Street presented an eerie scene in the small hours of Monday.  They shuffled down the hill shoulder to shoulder, right across the road, almost silent in bare feet or sandals, like over-size lemmings going to the sea.  Unlike lemmings, they stopped at the shore (who said “Pity?”) and slept until the boats started running.  Others lay snoring along the route from Wootton in shop doorways.

Sept 4th 1969:  HEATING PLAN – After failing to agree among themselves some weeks ago, Ryde Borough Council finally reached a decision on Tuesday on the vexed question of the heating and hot water installations and cooking facilities at the quarter-million pounds Preston Close housing scheme, with its 65 units of accommodation.

Sept 4th 1969:  RIFLE SHOOTING – No. 1024 (I.W.) Squadron A.T.C. swept the board in the Island Inter-Cadet Force 303 Competition held at Newtown Ranges on Sunday.  Awards were presented by Cdr. MASON, R.N.R.

Sept 4th 1969:  SOCCER – A confident Oakfield soon found they were not about to pick up two easy points.  After seven minutes they mis-timed an offside trap and St. Helens took the lead. Final score 2 all.

Sept 11th 1969:  CARNIVAL – Ryde Carnival crowds have come to expect great things from the VALVONA family of Oakfield, and they are never disappointed.  Their contributions this year were an attractive float-full of “Turkish Delight” maidens and “Nights of the Round Table” (card sharpers).  Both won prizes.

Sept 11th 1969:  I KNOW YOUR FACE – Ken DODD said to Susan FOGGO, aged 11, when she joined the children thronging round the comedian at Simeon Street on Thursday.  “Yes” said Susan, “we’re neighbours!”  Susan on holiday in the I.W. with her parents, lives opposite Ken’s home at Knotty Ash, Liverpool.

Sept 11th 1969:  ROUND THE ISLAND – With 45 miles and 28½ hours’ effort behind him, Kevin MURPHY, 21-year-old Wembley journalist, gave up his round-the-Island swimming attempt on Saturday night.  “I’m convinced he could have done it,” said the skipper of the Dolphin B which accompanied the swimmer, “but conditions became bad and we were afraid of losing sight of him in the choppy sea.”

Sept 11th 1969:  TOWN HALL LETTINGS – Better news was given to the Town Clerk, Edwin SHEPPARD.  After falling receipts this year, the council decided to increase letting charges by 25 per cent.  It was report that over a recent period of seven weeks the receipts came to £196, compared with £187 for the corresponding period last year.  A wrestling tournament had accounted for the difference.