Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Maps and indexes

Maps of Ryde Cemeteries (Ryde, Binstead, Ashey, St John’s, St Thomas’, Holy Cross Church Binstead) have been produced by RSHG’s Mapping co-ordinators David Earle and Carol Strong using the old hand drawn maps from Bereavement Services, details from the Burial Registers, and diligent surveying in the Cemetery.  The new maps should make it easier to find a particular grave.

Each record (on the graves page) gives a map and grid reference: e.g. Ellen DUSELDORFT can be found on map RSHG 001, and in grid box A1.  The Transcribing Team only records the names that can be seen on the memorials but you may still be able to find the location of burials where there are no markers or where the graves are too overgrown to read. Try looking up the names in the Alphabetical Indexes at the bottom of the mapping pages for each cemetery as these include the names for all the graves shown on the maps, even if we have been unable to transcribe them.

Please be aware that even with the maps some graves are difficult or near impossible to locate on the ground.  Please refer to the legend, which explains the conventions used in drawing the maps, for example, whether the grave plot has a marker or is overgrown.

The Map files are *.pdf files.  If you don’t have an Adobe *.pdf viewer you can download one as a free download from www.adobe.co.uk .

There is a page for each cemetery giving its location, the maps and indexes. The maps and indexes will be updated as new information becomes available.

To read about the history of each cemetery please click on History in the menu bar above.

Key to Alphabetical Indexes

Key to Alphabetical Indexes – The indexes contain the names on all the graves that have been mapped whether they have been transcribed or not.


Legend – This contains important information to help you understand the maps.

For any enquiries you may have about the maps, indexes or mapping please contact us here.