Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Ashey Cemetery

asheyAshey Cemetery is located on the Southern outskirts of Ryde in Gatehouse Lane, Ashey. The cemetery was opened in 1911.

The maps and indexes have been produced from official records, using the old hand drawn maps from Bereavement Services, details from the Burial Registers, and diligent surveying in the Cemetery. The new maps should make it easier to find a particular grave.

For a map showing the location of Ashey Cemetery please click here

Ashey Cemetery Maps

Legend – This contains important information to help you understand the maps

Ashey Cemetery Map – Plan showing how the individual RSHG numbered maps cover the whole of the Cemetery.

Maps last updated January 2020

RSHG A01 – Ashey Section A

RSHG A02 – Ashey Section B

RSHG A03 – Ashey Section C

RSHG A04 – Ashey Section D

RSHG A05 – Ashey Section E

RSHG A06 – Ashey Section F

RSHG A07 – Ashey Section G & I

RSHG A08 – Ashey Section H & K (Child Plot)

RSHG A09 – Ashey Section L. For future use – there are currently no burials in this section.

RSHG A10 – Ashey Section M

RSHG A11 – Ashey Section AA – In 2018 ground to the left and right of the entrance gate was set aside for further burials. The first burial in Section AA (right side of gate) took place in January 2019.

RSHG A12 – Ashey Section BB. For future use – there are currently no burials in this section.



Ashey Cemetery Alphabetical Indexes

The Indexes contain the names on all the graves that have been mapped whether they have been transcribed or not.

Indexes last updated December 2020

Key to Alphabetical Indexes

Ashey A – F
Ashey G to L
Ashey M to R
Ashey S to Z

For any enquiries you may have about the maps, indexes or mapping please contact us here.