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Interested in Fungi? 22 October 2006

As part of the biodiversity study in the Cemetery, a walk was arranged for 22 October, to look for fungi as autumn is the best time of year to find the various species.

The walk was lead by Jackie Hart, a member of the Isle of Wight Natural History Society. A few intrepid members joined Jackie in the rain. Jackie was able to collect several specimens, which she took away and identified. These included the following species:

Agaricus campestris – Field Mushroom
Agaricus silvaticus – Blushing Wood Mushroom
Agaricus xanthoderma – Yellow Stainer Mushroom
Boletus luridus – Lurid Bolete
Boletus porosporus
Coprinus comatus – Shaggy Inkcap
Coprinus silvaticus
Ganoderma applanatum – Artist’s Bracket
Hygrocybe conica – Blackening Waxcap
Hygrocybe virginea – Snowy Waxcap
Hygrocybe persistens
Hygrocybe psittacina – Parrot Waxcap
Lactarius camphoratus -Curry Milkcap
Lepista flaccida – Tawny Funnel
Macrolepiota rhacodes – Shaggy Parasol
Marasmius rotula – Collared Parachute
Micromphale foetidum – Foetid Parachute

Jackie said “Unfortunately the forecast heavy rain arrived but we braved the weather! The rain does not help in identifying the fungi as it spoils the cap colours. There was quite a variety of fungi, although some of the more colourful Waxcaps have not yet put in an appearance – maybe early next month.”

Unfortunately, I could not participate this time as I was unwell, but I hope we can do this again, and hopefully the weather will be better.