Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Binstead Cemetery

Binstead Cemetery is located in Cemetery Road, Binstead, to the west of Ryde. The cemetery opened in 1857.

For a map of the location of Binstead Cemetery click here.

Binstead Cemetery Maps

There are 20 maps covering the area of the cemetery which is divided into the Old and New cemeteries:

Legend – This contains important information to help you understand the maps.

Binstead Cemetery Map – New Cemetery – Plan showing how the individual RSHG numbered maps cover the whole of the New Cemetery.
Binstead Cemetery Map – Old Cemetery – Plan showing how the individual RSHG numbered maps cover the whole of the Old Cemetery.

New Cemetery

Maps last updated January 2020

Map RSHG B000 – Master plan of New Cemetery

Map RSHG B001 – Section A

Map RSHG B002 – Section B

Map RSHG B003 – Section C

Map RSHG B004 – Sections D and G

Map RSHG B005 – Section E

Map RSHG B006 – Section F

Map RSHG B008 – Section H

Map RSHG B009 – Section I

Map RSHG B010 – Section J

Map RSHG B011 – Section K and KA

Map RSHG B012 – Section L

Map RSHG B013 – Section M


Old Cemetery

Maps last updated August 2020

Map RSHG B014 – Master plan of Old Cemetery

Map RSHG B015

Map RSHG B016

Map RSHG B017

Map RSHG B018

Map RSHG B019 ; B020

Map RSHG B021 ; B022

Binstead Cemetery Alphabetical Indexes

The Indexes contain the names on all the graves that have been mapped whether they have been transcribed or not.

Indexes last updated December 2020

Key to Alphabetical Indexes

New Cemetery

Binstead New A to F
Binstead New G to L
Binstead New M to R
Binstead New S to Z

Old Cemetery

Binstead Old A to F
Binstead Old G to L
Binstead Old M to R
Binstead Old S to Z

Binstead Old (A to Z unknown burial plot) –  This is a list of people who we know are buried in the Old Cemetery at Binstead but, because the original plot maps have been lost, we do not know the location of their graves. If and when we are able to locate their graves our records will be updated.

For any enquiries you may have about the maps, indexes or mapping please contact us here.