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Charles Dimmick

Charles DimmickIntroduction

Charles Dimmick, patriarch of the DIMMICK family of Ryde, was an entrepreneur in the world of gardening and provision of nursery plants.  He had shop in Ryde High Street and green houses in several parts of the town. From small beginnings, he and his family developed a business that even provided plants for Osborne House for Queen Victoria.  Charles was also an itinerant Methodist preacher, a Town Councillor, and a member of the Cemetery Committee.

In his original book, Charles wrote this dedication:


To My Dear Children and Grandchildren, I dedicate this, my Autobiography.

THERE is no literary merit in it – it is a simple statement of facts and incidents which have occurred to me during my lifetime, as near as I can remember them.

Having for many years of my later life suffered from great weakness of body, and having to spend much of my time in bed, it has been an interesting work for me thus to record the various incidents of my life-and the goodness of God towards me all through-in hope it may be of some little use to you after I am gone. You may have dull hours and may want something to amuse you. Clouds and darkness may be around your path, and you may want something to cheer you. Poverty may come, and you may have to battle with it as I have done. You may have trials in your busi­ness, your occupation, or your circumstances, and may want help and guidance. You may have personal and family affliction and bereavements, and may want consolation and support. You may have to fight your way through overwhelming difficulties, or you may grow old, life’s labours may cease and your bodies may become weak and frail-and as I have gone over the ground before you, I here record my experience for your benefit – may you learn from it to look up to the same divine Helper and Friend is the sincere prayer of your affectionate Father and Grandfather,

17 October 1816 to 1887

We have identified that the most likely date of death for Charles is recorded in the Sept quarter 1887, IW, Vol 2b page 367, aged 70

Details of other family members have been checked against the Free BMD website, and the IWFHS Index on 1 Jan 2006

Marc Wayne Dimmick
Marc Wayne Dimmick, the Great-Great-Great Grandson of Charles Dimmick, who lives in Australia, made the Autobiography of Charles Dimmick available to the RSHG.

Marc scanned and transcribed Charles Dimmick’s original book in December 22nd 2003, and dedicated it to Dimmick family members around the world. The book is full of information about the Dimmick family history in Ryde Isle of Wight.

The document, which was written in several sections, was found on Marc ’s website, and his permission to publish it on the Ryde Social Heritage Group website was requested. He agreed, and the text was proof read and arranged in a format of one continuous document. If you have any information about the Dimmick family, please contact Marc. email:  [email protected]

Click here to read Charles Dimmick full Autobiography