Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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A Mile Stone Reached by the Mapping Team!

David Earle - The Happy Mapper
David Earle - The Happy Mapper

The Mapping Team led by David Earle have recently completed all the maps for the Old Cemetery. This means that Ryde Social Heritage Group now has maps online for the Old Parish Cemetery and the Old Cemetery, which just leaves the New Cemetery to be mapped.

In total 30 maps have been produced, this is a major achievement and the team is to be congratulated on an excellent piece or work.

The Mapping Team consists of David Earle, Lydia Jackson and Stephen Day, but I am sure that both Lydia and Stephen would agree that the vast majority of the work has been carried out by David.

Although we have put the maps online some of them will still need to be checked and amended as we progress with the Transcribing of the memorials. So we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy at the moment!

David has also updated the Alpha Indexes for the Old Cemetery. These indexes contain all the names shown on the maps obtained from Bereavement Services whereas our searchable data base only contains the names from the memorials we have transcribed.

If you search for a name in our database but are unable to find the person you are looking for it is always worth checking in the Indexes on the Mapping Page. A memorial may have been too overgrown or too eroded for the Transcribing Team to read, or there may simply be no grave marker to read. If this is the case the Index could give you the location and a RSHG map reference to enable you to find the location of a burial plot.

Alternatively the grave may be in the New Cemetery and we haven’t mapped or transcribed that area of the cemetery yet. Keep checking back as eventually we intend to map and transcribe the whole of the cemetery. You may need to be patient though as it is going to take us a while to complete the task.

The map below shows the the area of the cemetery covered by RSHG maps to date but a better quality map can be seen on the Mapping Page by clicking on the link below.