Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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School Studies in Ryde Cemetery

Chapel Stained Glass Window
Chapel Stained Glass Window

Over the last week several groups of school children have been undertaking studies in Ryde Cemetery as part of the IWC’s Ryde Cemetery Restoration Project.

On Tuesday 10 June, Kate MacDonell who is a member of Ryde Social Heritage Group and a teacher at Dover Park School took a group of year 4 children to Ryde Cemetery to have a look at the chapels as part of their studies into the churches of Ryde. The group are looking at various churches in the town and comparing them. Maisie Kitching another member of RSHG joined a party of school children in the cemetery and wrote this report.

“Janis Mundell, the project coordinator for Ryde Cemetery Restoration Project kindly made arrangements for the chapels to be open including the old Chapel to St Paul on West Street, the north chapel which is currently used as a store, but as part of the restoration project will become a heritage centre and the south chapel which is the Chapel of St Boniface Mission.

When we visited the Chapel of St Boniface Mission we were met there by two members of the congregation, Martin and Barbara, who welcomed us and showed us around. Martin told the children about St Boniface and why the Saint is so revered. He also told them a little about Nicholas and Alexandra (The last Tsar and Tsarina of Russia) and how Queen Victoria was their matchmaker before they married.

Each group spent about 10-15 minutes inside the chapel and as they left each child was given a picture postcard of St Boniface.

All of the children enjoyed their visit to St Boniface Mission Chapel and thought it a lovely place.

I also felt especially privileged to be able to see inside of this lovely place of worship and to be so welcomed by Barbara and Martin.”

Maisie Kitching
June 11 2008