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Edmund Rickard – Watchmaker and Jeweller

Mr Rickard outside his shop
Mr Rickard outside his shop

Edmund Rickard was born in St. Dominick, Cornwall in about 1839. In 1864 he married Mary Maria Maccaffrey who was born in Liverpool. Their first child Elizabeth Mary was born in Ryde in 1865. By 1871 they had three more children all born in Ryde: Joseph Edmund born in 1867, William in 1869 and Minnie in about 1868. The whole family was living at 139 High Street Ryde with a servant called Mary Jane Hockaday who was 21. Edmund’s profession was stated as Watchmaker and Jeweller.

The photograph of Mr Rickard outside his shop contributed by IW Record Office.

An Advertisement in the IW Observer dated 12th June 1869

Rickard Advert  IW Observer 12 June 1869

In 1881 the family were still living at 139 High Street, and had had two more children Alfred born in 1872 and Lottie in 1873. By now their servant was a Louisa Racket from Newport.

By 1891 they had moved to 165 High Street and had had one more child Ethel born in about 1882. In 1891 Ethel was at school and Lottie, Alfred and Minnie were all helping their father in his business.

In 1901 they had moved again, this time to 9 High Street. Minnie, Lottie and Ethel were helping their father in is business, Alfred was no longer residing with them but a granddaughter also called Ethel and aged 4 was with the family.

Edmund Rickard died on 7 November 1902 at 9 High Street aged 64 years. Although he had never taken an active part in the public affairs of the town he had taken a great interest in them and always supported movements which he considered likely to benefit the town. His funeral showed the high regard and respect in which he was held. In addition to the family being present, the funeral was attended by many business men from the town including Mr Fowler, Mr Pollard, Mr Teague, Mr Riddett, Mr Gibson and Mr Duffett junior.

Other family members commemorated on the family grave are:
Mary Maria died 23 February 1917 aged 77 years
Alfred Rickard died 15 March 1913 aged 41 years
William died 29 August 1910 in Ireland aged 42 years
Joseph Edmund died 29 December 1906 in Newfoundland aged 35 years
Edmund died 28 March 1871 aged 33 days
Ernest died 8 September 1875 aged 5 months
Minnie died 15 September 1943 aged 63 years
Ethel Maud died 12 July 1963 aged 83 years

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