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Christmas in Ryde in Times Past

Father Xmas at Hill's Stores in 1934
Father Xmas at Hill's Stores in 1934

The image is an advert for Father Xmas at Hill’s Stores in 1934 and below are some suggestions for Christmas shopping in Ryde in 1929:


A Beautiful Collection, of Art Calendars, Xmas Cards, Fancy Stationery, and Dainty Novelties – at GARDNER’S (Watt’s) 29 Union street
A J Prior, Family Butcher, 190 High Street, Ryde – Dairy Fed Pork, English Beef, Mutton, Lamb and Veal, Imported Lamb and Mutton
Barton & Tims, West street – Fruits, shortbreads and biscuits. Nuts, Oranges, Xmas Crackers
Bateman’s, 177 High street, – for Fancy Cases, Eyeglass Cases, Chains, Magnifiers, Loignettes, etc.
Baxter, H, Hairdresser and Tobacconist, Pier street, Xmas Gifts for everyone, smokers requisites and Fancy Goods
Burgess, High street – Tapestry Table Covers 63 inches square 2/11, red, green, blue
Card Tables, – tables 3/11 each, good selection Xmas Gifts – Castles, opposite Catholic Church
Chubbs, Union street; for Crackers, Chrystalised Fruits, Ginger, Dates, Figs, Oranges, etc.
Clara Mitchell, 108a High street, Ryde – for Gifts. Good Value as Always
Colenutts & Co., 47 Union street – Chrystalised Fruits, Crackers and Wines
Crabb, 196 High street – Xmas Cakes, Almond Paste, and Mince Pies a Speciality
Don Wheeler, 107 High street – Pay us a visit for Chocolate Boxes, Cigars, Cigarettes, etc. Sure to please
Duffett’s, High street – for best Pastry Flour, Self Raising Flour, Real Scotch Oatmeals, New Season’s Cereals
Earls, 8 Union street – Floral and Holly Wreaths, Pot Plants and all seasonable Fruits for Xmas
Evans’, 24 Cross street – Presents for all, Choice selection Silver, Electro Plate, Jewellery, Ebony, Clocks, Watches
Wealthy, Handy Stores, 74 High Street, – Noted for Flux’s Island Bacon
Fowler & Co., 41-43 Union street, Ryde – the Christmas Gifts shown by this well known Firm, are this season more delightful and more varied than ever, and a stroll round their various departments will very quickly solve your problem of “What to Give” They specialise in “Useful Gifts”: – Gloves, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Umbrellas, Dressing Jackets, Cardigans, Fur Coats, Dainty Underwear, Fur, Ties, Handbags, Scarves, House Coats, etc. etc.
Freeman Hardy and Willis, – Slippers make good presents, from 1s 11d to 8s 11d
Gardner’s for Books – Annuals, Adventure Stories, School Tales, Classics, Poems, Prize Books – 29 Union street
Gardner’s for Calendars – Art Calendars Daily Tear off, and Views of the Island Calendars 29 Union street, Ryde
Gardner’s for Handbags – and dainty Novelties in Leather – Calendars, Diaries, Ebony, Fountain Pens, Work Baskets, Jig Saw Puzzles – 29 Union street, Ryde (close G.P.O.)
Gibson, Tobacconist – Note new address, 17 Union street, Telephone No 471
Gramaphones and Portable Wireless sets, large selection, Cash or easy payments – Mainstone, Union street
Guaranteed tools for all at reasonable prices – Turner’s High street, Ryde
James, A H 52 High street, Ryde – Christmas Cakes a speciality, Home-made Puddings and Mince-meat, Fancy boxes of Chocolates and Biscuits
J F Earl, 61 Union street – All seasons Fruit and Flowers, Holly and Floral Emblems, Pot Plants.
Established 28 years (Note address) Tel 306. Personal Attention
Locke & Sons, William 169 High street, Ryde – Have a large quantity of Home cured Hams and Bacon, Chines, Home made Sausages, Pork Pies, Brawn and Lard, all best quality. Please order early
London Tailoring Coy, 112 High street – Useful presents, Ties, Gloves, Socks, Handkerchiefs, Scarves, Pullovers, Tie presses, etc
Mansbridge’s, Cooked Meat Shop – Why trouble to buy and cook your Ham, make Mince-meat, Pickle Onions, etc. Let me do the work IOW only
Melville Supper Bar – Open on Boxing Day. Home made Xmas fare; Hot Suppers
Morriss. The Diamond Shop, High street, Ryde – Ideal gifts for Xmas, Solid Silver Cigarette Cases from 15s. Solid Gold Wrist Watches from 25s. Lowest Prices all year round
Nichols, Hugh R, 113a High street, The Studio for Portraiture you’ll like
Organ’s, Union street – for Cutlery, Games, Sports, Poole Pottery, Bandalasta
Osborne, Henry, 4 Union street – Ladies Hand-bags for day or evening – Gifts Stationery, Fountain Pens and Pencils by all leading makers. Real Butterfly wing Pictures
Pack & Co – Excellent range of Frocks, Coats, Furs, Fur Coats, Knitted Suits, Smart Tailored and Semi-trimmed Hats, Handkerchiefs, Scarves, Neckwear, Chubby En-Tout-Cas, Dressing Gowns, Young Ladies and Children’s Frocks and Party Frocks, Gloves, Dainty Garters, Powder Puffs, Scent Sprays; series of Leatherettes, Bridge Scorers
Pictures for Christmas Gifts now showing at J H Perkis, 109 High street, Ryde – Inspection invited
Priestley, 51 High street – Mildmay and Keswick Calendars and Cards, Sunday School Prizes
Savage, W B, High street – Good Slippers and Evening Shoes in great variety
Sharpe, 68 High street – “Noted” shop for Tobacco, Pipes, Pouches, Watches, etc.
Springer, 36 Swanmore Road – for Tom Smith’s Crackers 10½d to 5s
Shapland, Union street – Home-made Chocolates, 3/6 lb Xmas Cakes and Fancies
Tancocks – for young Turkeys 7 to 10 lb 1s 4d and 1s 6d per lb
Thorpe, 50 Union street – Cigars, Cigarettes, and Tobacco, Pipes and Pouches
Turner, 87 High street – for reliable shoe repairs. The Ryde Leather Shop
Visit Helene, High street – for Dance Frocks, for Xmas parties
Weeks, 62 Union street – Our Jewellery display will help you to choose good gifts. Inspection invited
Whitfield’s, 124 High street – For all kinds of Fowls, Corn and Meal 1½d per lb. 7 lbs 10d
Whittington, 110 Top of High Street, – Xmas Ties, Handkerchiefs, socks and Braces
Wightman, Cross street – Umbrellas, Walking Sticks, Cutlery, toys, Dolls, Games, Pochettes, Purses
Wireless, A fine show of sets, Portables, for cash or hire purchase – Young’s Wireless Depot, 11 High street, Phone 489
Wonderful range of dolls, including Dean’s Dancing Dolls, Wools, Art Needlework Ladies and Gent’s Hosiery, etc. – R and A Stower, 47 High Street, Ryde
Wrights, The Pram Shop, Ryde – Dolls Prams, Fairycycles, Pedlars, strong Wooden Toys.
Wright, 41 High Street – Christmas Cakes, Mince Pies, Turog Bread, Phone 136