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A Gift for Ryde Cemetery

Ryde Cemetery chapel windows
Ryde Cemetery chapel windows

The Cemetery Committee stated in their report that they were asked by Mr Chas. Langdon if they would accept from an anonymous donor, a three-light stained glass window for the East-end of the Church of England chapel at the Cemetery, also the alteration of the seating to face East and a lectern. The design of the window was submitted and Councillor Goble, the chairman of the committee, observed that it was a very nice one and he moved that the offer be accepted with thanks.

Councillor Inker seconded, remarking that anything so beautifying the place there, would be very acceptable.

Alderman Purnell supported it and suggested that before the seats were altered the committee might take into consideration the floor of both chapels and substitute wood block instead of red bricks (hear hear). It would make both of them more presentable.

Councillor Goble said that the committee had the renovation of both chapels in view.

Source: Isle of Wight Times Thursday 12 March 1925