Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Dover Park Day Trip
Dover Park Day Trip

On Tuesday 8th March Class 3M from Dover Park swapped their classroom for Ryde Cemetery and had all their lessons there. The children were divided into three groups and named after famous people buried in the Cemetery – Kent, Dashwood and Harris. Their first task was to locate the graves after whom they were named and find out about them.

In the morning they rotated round three activities, English, Maths and History. They wrote poetry, carried out grave surveys, measured the angles that some gravestones are leaning, explored grid reference maps and followed the War Graves Trail.

They had a working lunch as after eating it would not have been appropriate to run around and play in a cemetery. They didn’t mind as the Learning Centre was set up as a classroom where they had many colouring, wordsearch and crossword activities to complete and also access to researching on the computers.

In the afternoon they all went on a Cross Hunt, (Art and R.E.) sketching as many different variations on the cross theme that they could find. They also enjoyed the sunshine and noticed the lovely Spring flowers just coming into bloom.

Headteacher Mrs. Sandy Norbruch spent the morning with the children and led the English activities. David Earle of RSHG led the Maths and Sexton Don Trafford led the History trail. In the afternoon, Ann Barrett of RSHG was the leader for one of the Cross Hunt groups.

The children really enjoyed the day and learnt such a lot. They have been busy doing follow up work back at school and examples will be on display in future exhibitions at the Learning Centre.

I have lain open since 1918
When Walter Newnham died
I’m sparkly white like a shining light
By Cody (age 8)

Kate MacDonell- Class teacher & RSHG member.