Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Ann & Tony
Ann & Tony

On Saturday 16 July we had our summer outing to Carisbrooke Castle, the idea was that after the visit we could have a picnic in the grounds of the castle.

However – it rained, it blew and it rained even more! Macs flapped and umbrellas turned inside out, but twenty stalwart members of our Group arrived at the Gatehouse of the Castle, almost in one piece, at the appointed time. We were met by Rosemary Cooper, who conducted us across the inner Courtyard, to the Education Centre kindly loaned by the English Heritage. This enabled us to be out of the elements and to dry off a little from the soaking we received walking from the car park up to the Castle.

Here we are arriving at the Education Centre looking a little wet and dedraggled!

Rosemary gave us a very interesting and varied talk about the origins of the Castle, the people who lived there, and the domestic life of ordinary people who worked and lived within the actual Castle over the ages. We then visited the Museum, and enjoyed a further talk by Rosemary, who conducted us to see King Charles the 1st Bedroom, and talked of Princess Beatrice’s tenure at the Castle.

It was clear that the idea of the picnic was out of the question and so we spent the afternoon at the home of Shelagh Gaylard, who with the kind assistance of friends, gave a Summer, Strawberry and Cream Tea. Ryde Ancestors were discussed, past events remembered, and general gossip took place.

We had a wonderful time despite the inclement weather, spending the day with good friends and in good company.