Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Howes Circus
Howes Circus

Isle of Wight Observer

Sept 7th 1861: WOODIN’s ENTERTAINMENT – Mr. WOODIN the mimical celebrity, gave his popular entertainment “A Cabinet of Curiosities” at the Victoria-rooms on Monday evening to a very good audience. We have spoken so often of this gentleman’s rare talents and abilities as a mimic, that any further description of them or panegyric is unnecessary.

Sept 7th 1861: ENTERTAIN – The captain and the officers of H.M.S. Emerald, entertained a numerous gathering of the Élite on board of that splendid frigate, at Spithead, on Saturday. The novelty of the scene lent charm to the reunion.

Sept 14 th 1861: RYDE COMMISSIONERS – The Highway Committee state …”Gentlemen, I am instructed by the directors of the Ryde Pier Company to apply to you for permission to make such openings in the Esplanade parapet-wall, between the Pier and 30 feet west of the George-street slipway, as may be found necessary for the occupation of the land about to be enclosed by the Company to the east of the Pier toll-house, for the purpose of affording increased accommodation to the public. I am your obedient servant….Wm. E. RATCLIFFE.”

Sept 14th 1861: STRANGE BUT TRUE – Many months ago some spiders weaved their webs across the aperture of the contribution box placed in the gate-post of the Infirmary, and this placed an effectual bar against the exercise of Charity in that direction. Hundreds of relatives and friends (save us from friends!) of patients passed to and fro during that time, without even a widow’s mite clearing the way.

Sept 14th 1861: LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Sir, Very properly in all Civil offices under the Crown the candidates have to undergo an examination as to fitness. Our Commissioners have set aside this wholesome rule, and elected a man to the office of Town Crier without knowing whether his voice is good, bad or indifferent; whereas one of the candidate’s voice was known for 30 years
as good. This is a revival of the worst traits of corruption…. A Disinterested Ratepayer.

Sept 21st 1861: WARRIOR – The Warrior arrived at Spithead this morning (Friday) under steam. She has rather a clipper appearance, instead of being the ugly customer she is. We cannot see whereabout the half-a-million sterling is squandered upon her.

Sept 21st 1861: BURIAL BOARD – A meeting of the Board was held on Tuesday evening last, to receive a report from the Cemetery Committee, with tenders for the erection of chapels, constructing drains, and forming roads to the new burial ground, and enclosing same by a stone wall and gates.

Sept 21st 1861: COMMISSIONERS – A letter was read from Mr. PURNELL, in which he asked £25 for the piece of land he would give to the town, by setting back his property in High-street. A letter was also read from Mr. WALLIS, asking £15 for giving a piece of land to the town, also by setting back his property in High-street. It was decided to offer £15 each, for setting back their buildings in a line with the premises occupied by Messrs. SHORT and JUDD, to within nine inches backward of the quoin of Mr. SPEARING’s property.

Sept 28th 1861: HOWES CIRCUS – This celebrated circus, with a numerous and talented company, will visit Ryde on Monday next. This spacious marquee, will we understand, be erected on a piece of unoccupied land on the Strand.

Sept 28th 1861: ARRIVAL – Their Imperial Highnesses the Grand Duke and Duchess Constantine arrived at Dover on Tuesday by one of the Royal Mail Packets, from Calais. The illustrious visitors who were attended by a numerous suite, were en route for the Isle of Wight, the Grand Duke having secured a mansion in the neighbourhood of Binstead, a short distance from Ryde, the property of Lord DOWNES, where it is supposed the distinguished members of the Russian Royal family will remain for the ensuing two months.

Image of Steam Calliope, Howes Great London Circus 1921 from the Circus Historical society Website please click on link below for information.