Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Oyster Dredgers
Oyster Dredgers

Isle of Wight Observer

Feb 8th 1862: VOLUNTEERS – About 40 of the 1st and 3rd Ryde corps mustered for drill in the Market-Hall on Thursday evening. At the conclusion of the movements Capt. Sir John LEES again exhorted the men to pay a little more attention to drill; and informed them emphatically that unless they attended the prescribed number (24) he should not permit them to contest for any prizes.

Feb 8th 1862: ACCIDENT – An unfortunate accident occurred to two men on Monday night last, at the top of George-street. It appears that a plumber, named MANSBRIDGE, and a tailor were what is commonly known as “skylarking,” when they both fell and pitched so heavily that the thigh of the former was broken and the collar bone of the latter. Both are doing as well as can be expected.

Feb 8th 1862: YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS – On Thursday two little boys, named KEMP and WEARN, were brought before the magistrate, and charged with stealing some sausages from Mr. PHILLBROOKE’s shop, Nelson-place. They were both remanded until Saturday, at Newport.

Feb 8th 1862: HER MAJESTY – The Queen remains in retirement at Osborne. Addresses of condolence continue to be presented, although there is a manifest diminution in their number.

Feb 8th 1862: FASHION – Professor HOFMANN has analysed “the artificial leaves from a lady’s head-dress,” and arrive at the conclusion that “a lady wears in her hair” more than 40 grains of white arsenic, a quantity which, would be sufficient to poison 20 people.

Feb 8th 1862: ODD FELLOWS’ – The brethren and friends of the Loyal East Medina Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows intend celebrating their 18th anniversary of the opening of the lodge by dining together on Tuesday evening next, at 6 o’clock, at the lodge-room, Star Inn.

Feb 15th 1862: NEW PIER WORKS – The contractors (Messrs. LANGDON) for these extensive works have almost completed the new quay walls, so that little else remains to be done to that part of the works besides filling up. A large quantity of timber has arrived for constructing the tramway, and is rapidly being sawed, hewn, and knocked into form.

Feb 15th 1862: BALL – Sir John and Lady LEES gave a juvenile ball on Monday evening last at their residence, Wenham-house. The musical arrangements were under the direction of Mr. A. Godwin FOWLES.

Feb 15th 1862: RYDE COMMISSIONERS – A letter was read to the Ryde Burial Board “Sir, an application having been made to the Secretary of State relating to a proposed new churchyard for the ecclesiastical district of Swanmore, a part of which I believe is in the district of the Ryde Burial Board, I shall inspect the site selected on Thursday morning, the 13th inst., at 11 o’clock.”

Feb 22nd 1862: EAGLE BREWERY – On Wednesday evening Mr. W. LAKE entertained a party of friends in the capacious malt stores of the brewery. A most substantial spread was laid on the table, and after due justice was done to it, song and toast went merrily around, and a most convivial evening was spent.

Feb 22nd 1862: OYSTER DREDGING – Quite a fleet of oyster dredging vessels have, during the past week, been beating up and down the Motherbank, bring up from the richly-stored beds of the sea thousands of the shell-fish sought. The oyster dredging season has altogether been one of success off Ryde this winter, the hauls being generally most plentiful and the quality first rate. Winkles as well as oysters are particularly abundant this year.

Note: Image of Oyster dredgers (c.1875) from Wikipedia