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The Butterfly Effect

Red Admiral Butterfly

This year the charity ‘Butterfly Conservation’ (run by Sir David Attenborough and his team) created ‘The Butterfly Effect,’ an education campaign spreading the word about our nation’s endangered butterflies. It ran from July 14 until August 5. This was something Dover Park School participated in but Kate also did a butterfly count at Ryde Cemetery. It involves sitting in a sunny spot for 15 minutes and recording how many of each species you see and then logging the sightings at the ‘Butterfly Effect’ website.

Kate spent the time in the conservation area of the cemetery which is naturally a prime site for spotting butterflies.

The Gatekeeper was the most common (9) and they flit around, often in pairs. Looking at the results from the ‘Butterfly Effect’ so far, the Gatekeeper is the one most common across all areas of the Isle of Wight.

Meadow Brown and Six Spot Burnet Moth were the next most seen (3 each.), 2 Small Tortoiseshells were spotted and 1 each of Marbled White, Red Admiral and Speckled Wood.

The photographs illustrated here have all been taken by RSHG in Ryde Cemetery, but not by Kate during her recent count!

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Images: photographed by RSHG at Ryde Cemetery