Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Eastward Ho - H N O'Neil
Eastward Ho - H N O'Neil

Isle of Wight Observer:-

July 18th 1863: PICTURES – “Eastward Ho!” and “Home Again!” —These finely-painted pictures, by Henry O’NEIL, Esq., A.R.A., are now on view at the Victoria-rooms, under the care of Mr. JOYCE, carver and guilder, Union-street. The subject of the first-named is the embarkation of troops in a transport ship for India. The second, represents the return of the vessel to port with the survivors of the war. The two works form an attractive pictorial record of the campaign.

July 18th 1863: PROMENADE CONCERTS – The well-known Hungarian Brothers have this year brought still greater addition to their talented band, which always delighted those who heard them. They are to be heard every night in front of the principal hotels, where they perform before a large and enraptured audience. They play newest selections of operatic and dance music and solos, as well as the music so peculiar to their country.

July 18th 1863: UNDER CANVAS – The announcement that “the ex-champion of the world” would have a “set-to” with Young BROOKS, of Manchester, at a circus on Friday evening last, drew a crowded house. Tom SAYERS and Young BROOKS stepped into the ring and displayed to advantage the science connected with the “noble art of self-defence,” which called forth repeated warm plaudits from the spectators.

July 25th 1863: WESLEYAN SCHOOLS – An interesting treat was given to the children of these schools on Thursday afternoon last in a field belonging to Sir William MARTINS, in Spencer-road, who, on being applied to for its use, not only consented, but accompanied it with a donation of one guinea towards the funds of the schools. The children marched from their school-room in Nelson-street at 2 p.m., headed by the battalion band, who volunteered to play them to the ground before starting for Mersley Down.

July 25th 1863: STREET PREACHING – Like all other brawling, whether issuing from men drunken or sober, we hold to be a nuisance; but as it can be put down by law, it is removed from the domain of public opinion; therefore, we refuse to insert letters on the subject. Fanaticism courts opposition because it thrives thereon.

July 25th 1863: FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – Lord Alfred CHURCHILL, MP., and Lady CHURCHILL have arrived at St. Helen’s Cottage, for two months; Lady DARRELL and Mr. and Mrs. SHELLY have arrived at Camden-house, Dover-street; Sir William BARNABY and Mrs. STUART have arrived at Madrid-house, Strand; The Duke de Fiano and suite have arrived at Navarino-house, Spencer-road.

July 25th 1863: APLEY TOWERS – One of those brilliant assemblages so frequent among the resident gentry of the Island, took place on Friday last, about 120 of the nobility and gentry responding to the invitation of Mr. and Mrs. YOUNG. The band of the 20th Royal Marines performed a choice selection of music, to the great gratification of the company. A quadrille band was supplied by Mr. W. SALTER, when dancing was kept up with great spirit for some hours.

July 25th 1863: PETTY SESSIONS – George WOODNUTT of the beer-shop, Albion Inn, Newport-road, was summonsed by PC JONES, who deposed that on Sunday 12th inst., at 7a.m., he went to defendant’s front door, walked through the house to the kitchen. Two men were drinking, VANNER and “Barber JACKMAN.” Defendant said the barber came to shave him, and he gave him the pint of beer for doing the job as one good turn deserves another. —Fined 2s.6d., and costs.

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