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The Electrical Association for Women

1950s kitchen

This national organisation was set up in 1924 and it wanted to show how the development of electrical appliances would set women free from drudgery.

The Island Branch appears to have been a thriving organisation in the 1950s and 60s. Perhaps it attracted the modern women who found the Women’s Institute a bit boring. Maybe there just wasn’t enough television to watch.

Electrical Association for Women. – The meeting of the Electrical Association for Women on Thursday took the form of a charabanc outing to Newport, where the members, who were accompanied by their Chairman, Mrs. S. R. Bird were shown over the factory of Island Dairies Ltd. They saw the cleansing and filling of milk bottles at the factory by electricity and, after spending an entertaining afternoon, they were entertained to tea by the directors of the company.

Womens’ Electrical Assn. Garden Party. – The Island branch of the Electrical Association for Women held a garden party on Thursday in the garden of Turret Cottage, Fishbourne Lane by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. Wimshurst. Lady Baring (president) who was welcomed by Mrs. S. R. Bird (chairman), congratulated the branch on their progress and greeted visitors from the Worthing and Bournemouth branches.

E.A.W. Meet. – Mrs. A. Bradley presided at the monthly meeting on Thursday of the Electrical Association for Women, when a Christmas cookery demonstration was given by Miss Hawkins, of the S.E.B., who also judged cakes made by members. Mrs. R. Lonsdale was the winner. Prizes were awarded to competition winners, and the meeting closed with tea.

Meanwhile what were the boys up to?

Talk on Microscopes. – Ryde Microscopic and Scientific Society held its monthly meeting in the Committee Room , Town Hall on Wednesday last week. Mr. A. Kerridge, hon. secretary, gave an instructive talk on “getting the best out of the microscope.” He described the general principles of microscopy, the essential parts of the instrument and their adjustments. Various methods of illumination were explained. After the talk the examination of specimens, including freshwater biology brought by the members, closed the meeting.

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Image of 1950s kitchen from Betsythedevine; Image of microscope from Rob n Rae Cornelius