Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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James Glaisher
James Glaisher

December 1863 – 150 Years Ago

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Dec 5th 1863: BALLOONS – A very interesting lecture, in connection with the Isle of Wight Philosophical and Scientific Society, was delivered at the Town-hall, by Mr. GLAISHER on “Balloons and Balloon Ascents,” and especially descriptive of the observations and experiments made and the phenomena experienced by Messrs GLAISHER and COXWELL in their voyages.

Dec 5th 1863: PORTRAIT – The East Medina Lodge of Oddfellows presented Brother William SPEARING with the best work of art of the kind which the high talent of the town could produce regardless of expense. The portrait is by Mr. HUGHES, photographer to the Queen, and the beautiful frame is by Mr. JOYCE, carver to the Queen.

Dec 5th 1863: STORMS – The heavy gale of Thursday morning seems to have inflicted considerable damage to property in Ryde. Several boats were driven from their moorings, and have not since been heard of. Mr. GREENHAM, of the Alarm, No. 1 Sea View Pilot boat, gallantly rescued some parties who were in a fishing boat, or they must have drowned.

Dec 12th 1863: PEDESTRIANISM – The long contemplated match for £10 a-side came off this Friday morning at Play-street, the distance being 100 yards. The distance was accomplished in 10 seconds, watched by the 1,000 spectators present. There will be a great meeting at the sporting Baron’s this evening for settling up the betting connected with this exciting affair.

Dec 12th 1863: RYDE TRAGEDY – A sanguinary sequal to a long career of misery and crime has occurred in this town during the week. It is questionable how far it is the duty of a Journalist to give the details of such crimes as murder and attempted suicide, or to speculate as to the causes which led thereto, but there is always such an irrepressible curiosity of a morbid nature.

Dec 19th 1863: CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY – We are happy to see the announcement that the principal tradesmen of the town have agreed together to close their establishments on Saturday next, thus giving their assistants the opportunity of a reunion with their families and friends.

Dec 19th 1863: SOIREE – A very agreeable evening was passed at the Town-hall, Mr. Russell THOMAS’s dancing classes of Newport having joined those of Ryde. About 80 persons were present on the occasion. We understand it is in contemplation to return the visit of our Newport friends shortly after Christmas.

Dec 19th 1863: PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY – Another of this society’s concerts came off on Tuesday last at the Victoria-rooms, and although the bill of fare was an attractive one, it failed to draw anything like an average attendance. There is an old saying, that there may be too much even of a good thing.

Dec 26th 1863: ROYAL VISIT – The Princess Helena attended by Lady Caroline BARRINGTON, drove into Ryde on Tuesday afternoon shopping. Her Royal Highness looked very well, and is growing up more like the happy-looking Princess Royal than the pensive Princess Alice.

Dec 26th 1863: GENEROUS ACT – Mr. E. NEWBALD of Union-street, has, with his accustomed liberality, presented a clock to the new Working Men’s Institute—a very valuable gift,—one of the fundamental rules being a uniform time for opening and closing the establishment.

Dec 26th 1863: SEASON MILDNESS – Weather prophets have prophesied that the present is to be a severe winter. As severity means suffering to the poor, and invalids who cannot follow swallows and fly from “the wholesomest climate in the world,” we hope these sons of Baal will be put to shame.

Image of James Glaisher from wikicommons