Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Soup Kitchen
Soup Kitchen

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Apr 9th 1864: ACCIDENT ON BOARD SHIP – A Russian sailor fell from the mast of a 700-ton ship upon a rail, which ran into his thigh, The poor fellow was immediately conveyed to the Infirmary, where the wound was found to be very serious, although no bones were broken. He was carefully attended by Mr. JONES, the house surgeon, and is now progressing favourably.

Apr 9th 1864: CHARITY – The soup kitchen has well performed its work this past winter. The number of persons relieved in January was 1434; February 1660; March 1648. This is only a portion of the charitable operations of the Benevolent Society, whose good deeds are, or ought to be, warmly appreciated by all who need their help.

Apr 9th 1864: ARRIVAL – H.M.S. Dasher, Capt. P. de SAUMAREZ, arrived late on Friday evening last off the pier from Guernsey, with Major-Gen. Sir Marcus SLADE, bart. (late Lieut-Governor of that Island), on board, and Sir Marcus and Lady SLADE and family proceeded immediately on landing to Seafield House, residence of Gilbert SMITH, esq., which they have taken for 12 months.

Apr 16th 1864: STREETS – The Highway Committee recommend that Wray-street and the south portion of Church-street, Swanmore, be levelled and made, with a curb and gutter on the sides thereof; also that a sewer be placed in the street. That enamelled name-plates, 5½ins, in width be obtained for the various streets, courts, and thoroughfares of the town at a cost of 5d. per letter.

Apr 23rd 1864: DINNER – The annual dinner of the Glee Union Society took place at the York Hotel on Tuesday evening last, when about 30 gentlemen sat down to a bountiful repast. The society had been established about 10 years ago and now with a very considerable acquisition of musical talent, and would, doubtless, contribute to their enjoyment and usefulness.

Apr 23rd 1864: REVIVALISM – A Mr. MILLER, in connection with the sect known as Plymouth Brethren, has been preaching at the Victoria-rooms during the week. Prayer meetings have also taken place, but it is doubtful whether such excitement and questionable proceedings tend to serve the interests of true religion.

Apr 23rd 1864: RYDE COMMISSIONERS – A special meeting took place to receive a report from the Highway Committee, as to paving portions of the Esplanade footpaths, and constructing a sewer in Vernon-square.

Apr 23rd 1864: IMPROVEMENT – Among the many improvements which have taken place in Ryde of late may be mentioned the extensive alterations at Mr. J. E. SCOTT’s upholstery establishment, Union-street, the premises having been entirely rebuilt by Mr. SIBLEY, Mr. F. NEWMAN being the architect. The style of architecture is an ornament to the street, while the premises are at any rate amongst the most spacious of any town.

Apr 23rd 1864: HAYLANDS – On Sunday next sermons will be preached in the Chapel, at the above little place, by Mr. T. HANFORD, the Evangelist, on behalf of the school; and on Tuesday the usual tea meeting will be held at 5 o’clock.

Apr 23rd 1864: INFIRMARY – For week ending Wednesday last; Patients admitted 3; Discharged 1; Died 0; Remaining in the house 19; Out-patients on books 103; Medical Officer for the current week R. W. BLOXAM, esq. Chaplain Rev. W. H. GIRDLESTONE; House Surgeon J. JONES.

Image: From Wikicommons Soup Kitchen by Vincent Van Gough