Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Merryweather's Fire Engine

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Apr 1st 1865: SUMMER – On Monday last we heard the notes which often herald summer, not of the cuckoo or the nightingale, of some German “wind-jammers” who were torturing an unfortunate polka in the Square. Do these Bohemians hibernate, like dormice, during the winter?

Apr 1st 1865: TWO ACCIDENTS – Mr. John CUTLER who was out with the Foxhounds, was thrown violently on ground covered in rough flint stones, cutting his face in a fearful manner. Miss Rose ATKEY was being conveyed in one of Mrs. ELKINS’ carriages through Star-street and by some accident she was thrown out, and her face very badly cut.

Apr 8th 1865: UNSIGHTLY – We have been requested to direct attention of the directors of the Pier Company to the practice, lately allowed, of funeral corteges going down the pier during promenade hours. Such sights are not desirable to the healthy and strong, whilst they are absolutely repulsive to the invalid. Such a practice at such hours is not necessary.

Apr 8th 1865: SOUP KITCHEN – The kitchen closed on Saturday last, having well performed its charitable work during the three months of bitter cold weather. The number of quarts of soup distributed during the thirteen weeks is nearly 5,000, and a large quantity of bread.

Apr 8th 1865: CURIOSITY – We have been favored with the sight of a petrified bird’s nest in the shop window of Mr. DENNIS, Pier-street. In a state of perfect preservation, dug out from solid rock while cutting for the tunnel for the Ryde and Ventnor Railway. It has five eggs, four of them whole, with the moss and twigs.

Apr 8th 1865: PETITION – The petition of Miss PLAYER, Capt. and Mrs. BRIGSTOCKE, sets forth that they are joint owners with Mrs. Du THON of the foreshore; and as large owners of property in Ryde are interested in its prosperity, and particularly in preserving free and uninterrupted access to the shore for vessels trading to Ryde.

Apr 15th 1865: HORSE BOLTED – On Monday morning, as Capt. BRIGSTOCKE’s carriage was approaching St. Thomas’s church to take up, the horse bolted, and in turning suddenly into Spencer-road threw out the coachman, Henry TOMS, and the carriage passed over him. He was conveyed to the house of Mr. HEARN, where Mr. BLOXHAM was in attendance and advised his removal to the Infirmary. He is not progressing so favorably.

Apr 15th 1865: DRINKING – It is proposed that the question of providing drinking fountains in various parts of the town be referred to the Highways Committee. They had a good supply of water now, and it was desirable to give every accommodation. Cisterns for cattle was also desirable.

Apr 15th 1865: BURIAL BOARD – Notice of a motion that a competent person, at 20s. per week, be appointed, who would live in the cottage and do the whole of the work required for the Cemetery.

Apr 22nd 1865: FEATHERED TRIBE – Good Friday ushered in the first really April shower of the season and continued till mid-day. Just then innumerable swallows and martins appeared around Ryde. The notes of the cuckoo and nightingale were heard in the afternoon and evening.

Apr 29th 1865: FIRE ESCAPE – On Wednesday evening last, several of the fire brigade, under the direction of Mr. BUCKETT, went out for an evening’s practice. They found that with one ladder they could go over the roof of the Congregational Church in George-street, and with the whole length of the escape they were enabled to go beyond the clock of Trinity Church in a short space of time.

Image source: Wikipedia – Merryweather’s fire engine