Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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October 2015 Biographical Uploads


In October the Research team added biographical detail to 44 of the records, which included that of Robert Heward. He ran a fishmonger’s business with his father, and was called a true son of the sea, and had on several occasions saved the lives of people in danger of drowning.

ABBOTT Jane. 04.04.1947.

ADAMS Eleanor. 21.10.1934.

BEERE Walter George. 11.12.1961.

BONE Ada. 03.07.1965.

BUXEY Ernest Charles. 05.12.1926.

COLLIS Harriett Emily. 26.09.1948.

CONRY Gertrude Ann. 30.01.1953.

COOMBES Annie Florence. 24.11.1933.

FINLEY Edith Ellen. Nov 1922.

GOBLE Leonard James. 01.09.1965.

GODFREY Sarah Ellen. 25.10.1906.

GRAHAM Sarah Maria. 09.10.1936.

HAWKINS Etta May. Sept 1940.

HENWOOD Charles Henry. 31.01.1953.

HENWOOD Kathleen Ruby Annie. 13.11.1945.

HEWARD Robert. 22.04.1918.

JOHNSON Kate Annie. 08.03.1957.

LAWRENCE Frederick William. Nov. 1940.

MACLEAN Henrietta Mary. 15.08.1918.

MARSH Joseph. 21.08.1916.

MATTOCKS Frederick Richard. Apr. 1939.

MUNT Frederick Waldo. 07.08.1932.

NEWMAN Harry William. 03.10.1932.

POWELL Catherine. 05.08.1918.

PUCKLE Thomas John (Rev). 07.12.1920.

PUGSLEY Nellie. 08.09.1953.

RICHARDS Edward. 05.01.1900.

ROCHFORT Francis. 08.09.1945.

ROOKE Eleanor Mary. 16.04.1917.

ROWLAND George (Major). 18.06.1913.

SILVESTER Elizabeth. 14.09.1929.

SPRACKLING William. 09.05.1934.

STAMP James. 08.12.1913.

TAYLOR Constance Sarah. 14.10.1904.

TAYLOR Edith Mary. 10.09.1953.

TAYLOR Henry Victor. 18.11.1955.

TAYLOR John Edwin March. 23.11.1950.

TOPP Edwin Philip. 12.03.1952. extra info

TOPP Evelyn May. 13.04.1972. extra info

TUTTON Alice Maria. 16.05.1943.

VALVONA Angelo. 18.05.1950.

VALVONA Dominic Anthony. 10.07.1945.

VALVONA Joseph. 02.03.1978.

WEEKS Albert Edward. 09.09.1953.