Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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December 2015 Biographical Uploads

In December our busy research team added 32 biographical records to the website, including that of James Littlefield and his wife Catherine. He was a Chemist and Town Councillor in the mid-1800’s, his premises were in Pier-street, Ryde.

ASTINGTON Thomas James. 09.10.1899.

BARRETT William George 07.12.1948.

BARRETT Mildred Jane. 16.10.1957.

BISHOP Norman George. 21.07.1935

BUSHELL Frank William. March 1949.

COMDEN Jessie Evelyn. 08.11.1950.

DOWDEN George Henry. 25.03.1931.

FARMER Emma. 03.03.1931.

FOWLER William. 16.08.1947.

GALLOP Alfred Kenneth. 02.05.1915.

GEERE Kate. 09.05.1932.

GROCOCK William. 16.01.1894

HART Ethel. 06.12.1933.

HAZELL Mary Ann. 29.12.1867.

HEATH Florence Agnes May. 06.08.1936.

HILLS George Grenville (Rfn). 12.08.1915.

HILLS Henrietta Annie. 25.01.1953.

HUGHES Thomas. 27.05.1905.

JAMES John Charles. 14.07.1913.

JORDAN Emily Louise. 16.02.1936.

LAUNDY Alice Ann. 11.01.1931.

LILLY Robert Pryce. 13.01.1911.

LITTLEFIELD Catherine. 21.11.1876.

LITTLEFIELD James. 16.04.1877.

PRIOR James. Oct 1929.

ROACH Percy Frank. 09.09.1912.

SHAWYER Kate Emily. 20.05.1944.

TULLY Alban Charles (Pte). 26.02.1916.

VANASSCHE Ellen Elizabeth. 08.03.1945.

VANASSCHE Sidney. Sept 1939.

WHITTINGTON Henry. 12.06.1902.

YEARBURY Maud Alice. 25.03.1948.