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Extremely Popular Winter Entertainments


Piano Lady

This was a proud heading in the Isle of Wight County Press of January 1894. Ryde certainly  hosted a wide range of entertainments to occupy those long winter nights.


Dr. Shirtliff gave a lecture on “Little Things” at the meeting of this Society on Monday evening., dealing principally with earthworms. Dr. Brereton and Messrs. Harmsworth and Hartnell also spoke.


For the first time during the last 12 months playgoers will, on Monday next, have an opportunity of witnessing at the Ryde Theatre that merry form of entertainment known as burlesque. Mr. G. B. Phillip’s popular company in the successful “Bonny Boy Blue” burlesque is announced by Mr. Ellis Miller, and we have every reason to believe that there is in store for its patrons an exceedingly pretty, bright, and humorous performance, with songs and dances quite up to date.


was given in Christ Church Parish-room on Monday evening, the Vicar presiding. The programme consisted of a pianoforte solo by Miss Cantelo, a song by Mr. Walters, a violin solo by Miss Ford, a reading by Sergt. Longman, a pianoforte solo by Miss Garland and two songs by Miss PAULL, the sketch “Moderation is botheration” by Miss Cave and Messrs. Diffey and H. Frampton, and an address by the Vicar.


The extraordinary success of the Primrose League dramatic performance induced the promoters to repeat the comedietta “Dearest mama” and the one-act comedy ‘My lord in livery” at the Town Hall on Wednesday evening in aid of the funds of the Town Band. The hall was well filled with an audience which, if anything, was a little too demonstrative, although the acting deserved all the appreciation it received. During the evening the band gave selections and brought the evening to a close by playing the National Anthem.


Source: Isle of Wight County Press 27 January 1894

Picture sources: Burlesque-troupe from Wikimedia; piano lady from thevictorianist.blogspot.com