Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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February 2016 Biographical Uploads

George Street Post Office

In February our busy research team added 34 biographical records to the website, including that of Mrs Louisa Kate Read, widow of Mr Charles Read, who died in 1933.  Upon the death of her father, Mr. W. M. HOGG, photographer and postmaster, in 1928, she became postmistress in his shop at lower George-street, Ryde.  (click on the name below to go to the file)

ARNOLD Ellen Ida. 08.06.1944.

BASSIL Eliza (Ella). 11.06.1942

BATT Maude Augusta. 26.03.1956.

BUTCHER Walter John (Lance Corp). 17.10.1915.

CHALMERS Francis (2nd Lieut). 25.09.1916.

CHALMERS Minnie Gertrude. 07.09.1940.

COLEBY Albert Edward (Lieut). 05.03.1943

COLLYER Mary Winefride Isobel. 02.09.1977.

CULL Edwin Augustus. 12.06.1942.

DALLIMORE Emma. 17.02.1931.

DORE William. 28.08.1932

DUNFORD Adeliza Ann. 18.06.1941.

FEBEN Emily Jane. 16.03.1934.

GOLDSMITH Beatrice Maud. 26.02.2014.

GRAHAM Mary Gertrude Fransisca. 7.11.1942.

GRIFFIN Harry James. 07.06.1944.

GUNDRY Caroline Jessie. Sept 1870.

KATON James Edward (Admiral). March 1887.

LIDDELL George (Hon.)  1886 – extra detail

LONG Isabella. 16.03.1942.

LONG Reginald. 12.05.1933.

MASTERS Kate Elizabeth. 20.03.1956.

NICHOLSON George. 17.02.1944.

NICHOLSON Jessie Marie. 24.01.1962.

PETERSEN Froda. 10.06.1941.

READ Louisa Kate. 29.02.1956.

ROGERS Frederick John. 08.03.1946.

SPENCER Tom.04.02.1943.

TAYLOR James. 24.04.1940.

VALVONA Andreana. 06.08.1941.

WATTS Alfred Thomas. 20.06.1933

WAY Sarah Ann. June 1953.

WEST Sarah Patience (Sallie). 08.03.1945.

WILLIAMS William Alfred. 28.10.1935.